Today, there are numerous types of braces, retainers and aligners for patients to choose from. Selecting what type of braces you need to wear, and for how long, can be a difficult process for children, their parents and even for adult patients.

At Bowman Orthodontics, our skilled, professional and friendly staff will help to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We will spend the time needed to thoroughly discuss and explain treatment options for every individual patient to determine the right braces selection.


Braces and Treatment Options


These braces can be worn by patients young and old and are among the most popular. Smaller than traditional metal braces, mini-diamond also are extremely comfortable! They also work well and have about the same treatment time as traditional braces.  Ask Dr. Bowman about our mini-diamond braces!


These ceramic braces are made of clear material, so they are not always visible to others. The clear option is very popular with our adult patients, due in large part to their cosmetic appeal. One thing to keep in mind is that ceramic brackets are more fragile. Also, elastic ties can discolor between orthodontic visits.


This approach has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Invisalign offers a series of clear overlay templates, known as aligners, that are generated by computer simulation to gradually move the teeth. Invisalign is available to our adult patients and some teenage patients with orthodontic bite problems.  Ask us if you are a good fit for Invisalign.

SmartClip Braces

The SmartClip appliance comes from 3M Unitek. It is a unique bracket system that features special technology, known as self-ligation. This allows the wire to slide back and forth within the bracket. The result is less friction and greater comfort. SmartClip brackets can decrease the amount of time you spend in the orthodontist’s office and reduce the total number of adjustments you have to undergo. SmartClip patients benefit because they are better able to maintain teeth and gum health.

Our professional treatment goes beyond simply selecting the right type of orthodontic appliance for you. We will teach you how to best care for your braces, teeth and gums, and we will advise you on how often you should visit the dentist for check-ups and cleanings. At Bowman Orthodontics , we will help you design the best treatment plan, set orthodontic goals and recommend the best methods to achieve your goals.

Contact Dr. Bowman today to schedule a consultation so you can learn about the best treatment options for you.

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