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Different Types of Braces Treatments

Modern braces are available in several different forms, but they’re all designed to straighten your teeth. By applying pressure against your teeth, braces treatments can move them into the correct positions and improve the appearance of your smile. Before deciding on a particular orthodontic treatment, you should understand the different options that are available and how you can benefit from them.

Metal Braces

Many people decide to get traditional braces that have metal brackets because they’re the most popular option. Traditional braces can handle severe cases of crooked teeth, and they’re commonly worn by children and adults. With many advances in orthodontic technology, modern metal braces are quite comfortable to wear, and the brackets are made from high-quality stainless steel.

If you decide to get metal braces, you’ll be able to choose the color of the rubber bands, which can give you a bright, colorful smile. Over time, the size of the brackets has decreased, and the metal brackets used with modern braces are much smaller than they used to be. An example of this can be seen with mini-diamond braces. These braces can also be made clear for discretion.

SmartClip Braces

These braces treatments are known to be self-ligating, which means they don’t require the use of rubber bands. This allows for less friction and more comfort for the patient. They also tend to work faster than traditional braces.

Invisalign® Aligners

If you’d like to have straighter teeth but you don’t want to wear noticeable brackets, then Invisalign® aligners may be able to help. This treatment consists of clear trays, and for easier cleaning, the aligners can be removed. Invisalign® can straighten your teeth without metal brackets or wires, and the plastic aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth.

One of the main reasons why patients choose Invisalign® is because the treatment is almost invisible, and most people won’t know when you’re wearing the aligners. Although Invisalign® is very discreet, it’s not the best choice for severe cases. Many patients enjoy this treatment option because the clear aligners can be removed, which makes it much easier to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Selecting the Right Treatment for You

The best treatment for you depends on your lifestyle and goals, among other things. During a consultation at the office of Brodie Bowman, DMD in Fort Walton Beach or Niceville, you can see which type of braces treatments are likely to give you the best results. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more!