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10 Reasons SmartClip Braces are Better than the Competition

Whether you are a young person or an adult, you likely want an impressive smile. If your teeth do not line up correctly, this may be difficult. In fact, crooked teeth can make you so self-conscious that you may be hesitant to smile at all. When it is time for braces, you have a choice as to which kind to go with. Make sure to ask our orthodontist about the advantages of SmartClip braces as opposed to the competition.


SmartClip braces are self-ligating. This means that there are no rubber bands to contend with. While standard braces use these rubber bands to hold the wire in place, the SmartClip system is able to eliminate the need for them.

Less Time at Our Office

Since there is no need for rubber bands, your appointments with our orthodontist will likely be shorter. Any adjustments that need to take place while you are in the chair can be done in much less time. This will get you in and out of the office quicker, allowing you to spend more time doing other activities.

Fewer Appointments

When you choose the SmartClip system, you will not only spend less time at each appointment, but fewer appointments will be necessary. This saves you even more time and trouble.

Ease of Cleaning

Rubber bands can interfere with your ability to keep your braces clean on a daily basis. The best way to avoid this kind of interference is to not have the rubber bands present in the first place. This is exactly what SmartClip braces do. They eliminate the rubber bands and the frustrations that can be caused by them.

No Staining

Elastic bands can become discolored and give an appearance of staining from the time they are put in place until they are replaced. Since SmartClip braces do not use them, there is one less worry when it comes to your appearance.

Fewer Trapped Food Particles

The bands that are a part of traditional braces can, at times, trap food. This can cause an impact on the appearance and make hygiene practices more difficult.

Moving Teeth Quicker

As opposed to other kinds of braces, SmartClip will move the teeth quicker. This means you may be able to get rid of the braces in a shorter period of time, enjoying that perfect smile sooner than you may have previously thought.

More Comfortable

The smooth, contoured surfaces that are designed into SmartClip braces make them more comfortable as opposed to the competition. This will mean less irritation to your lips and cheeks.

More Versatile

SmartClip braces can be used regardless of whether you need a full set or braces on just a few of your teeth. They provide good results in either case.

Less Visibility

SmartClip braces can easily be combined with clear brackets to make their appearance less obvious to others. That way, you can still smile confidently even during the time when you have the braces.

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