Virtual Smile Assessment

Find Out if Clear Braces are Right for You

You know you need braces, but you’re not sure which type of braces is right for you. You could be a candidate for clear braces, offering you a more discreet option to give you a beautiful smile. You need to remember that your orthodontic treatment will offer you many benefits, including healthier teeth, more reasons to smile and helping you to avoid sleep apnea or TMJ disorders. Find out if clear braces could work for you.

How Do Clear Braces Work?
With clear braces, you have brackets that are clear and wires that match the color of your teeth or are clear. This type of braces works in the same way as traditional braces. They will be attached to your teeth until your treatment is over.

While teens and adults love clear braces because they are a discreet option for orthodontic treatment, they do not work for everyone. The only way to find out which option will work best for you is to come in and see our experienced orthodontist.

What to Expect When You See Our Orthodontist
During your initial visit to our office, your teeth will be evaluated first. Medical imagery will be used to help our orthodontist create a treatment plan that is tailored to suit you. At this point, you can discuss your options and find out if you are a candidate for clear braces. You’ll find out approximately how long your treatment time will be and what you can do to take care of your teeth while you are undergoing orthodontic correction. This is your opportunity to ask questions as you prepare to begin your journey toward the smile you have always wanted.

Talk to Our Orthodontist About Clear Braces
If you know that you need orthodontic correction and you are curious about clear braces, the team at the office of Brodie Bowman, DMD is your best source of information. Make an appointment at our office in Niceville or Fort Walton Beach to learn more about your options. You’ll find out what you can expect and which type of braces will work best for you. Clear braces are one of many options available to you today. Learn more about all of your choices to give you a dazzling smile. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!