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The Importance of Having Realistic Expectations with Braces

You may have recently been told by your dentist that you require orthodontic treatment. Whether it’s issues with spacing, your bite or the alignment of your teeth, it is obvious when you do not have straight teeth, and you’ll need braces to enhance your smile. However, before you get started with treatment, it is crucial that you have reasonable expectations with braces as you take the journey to properly aligned teeth.

You Need to Be Patient

Orthodontic correction takes time. There is no magical fix that can straighten your teeth overnight. Depending on the severity of your issues with your teeth, your course of treatment could take two years or more. Braces gradually shift your teeth into proper alignment. It’s a process that affects your jawbone and the soft tissues in your mouth. It may seem like it takes forever, but it will be well-worth the wait.

Your Mouth Will Be Sore at Times

If you get braces with brackets and wires, expect your mouth to be tender at the beginning of treatment. The inside of your mouth is covered with delicate skin that can easily be irritated when the metal or plastic rubs against it, but it will toughen up and become accustomed to the presence of braces over time. Your teeth may have a mild ache that is completely normal when you first begin treatment and after adjustments as the shifting begins. You can take OTC medication for this discomfort, as it will not last.

You May Not Get the Type of Braces that You Want

Many people hope that they can have clear aligners when they need braces. Clear aligners are popular because they are removable and nearly invisible. However, they are only advised for mild cases of orthodontic correction. If you have a serious issue with your teeth, you will probably need to go the traditional route with brackets and wires.

You’ll Need a Retainer

Once the braces come off and you have that smile you have always wanted, it is important to realize your treatment isn’t over. The last phase of orthodontic correction involves wearing a retainer. You will need to follow our orthodontist’s recommendations and wear a retainer most of the time in the beginning to avoid relapse in the movement of your teeth. This may seem like an inconvenience, but you don’t want to see your teeth go back to the way they were after all your dedication.

Learn More About Braces from Our Orthodontist

If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to braces, Brodie Bowman, DMD is your best resource. During your orthodontic appointment at his office in Niceville or Fort Walton Beach, you can learn about the different types of braces and which would work best for your unique situation. Be sure to discuss realistic expectations with braces so you won’t have any surprises. Remember that braces will pay off to give you an unforgettable smile. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more.