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Caring for Teeth After Braces

When a child or adult gets braces, it will usually take about eighteen months to a couple of years before they are removed. The amount of time depends on how much correction the teeth need. In any case, this is a significant amount of time, and if both the braces in conjunction with the teeth are not cared for carefully, it can often lead to complications like gum disease and tooth loss. Properly caring for your teeth after braces, as well as during the orthodontic treatment itself, can help you to stave off several issues down the line.

Proper Daily Care

It is imperative to never let your teeth become infected. There is a high likelihood of this happening to the teeth after braces if the teeth and braces aren’t cleaned on a daily basis.

Removable Braces

If you are wearing removable braces or a retainer, the teeth are easier to clean. It is done by simply removing the retainer to brush and floss carefully.

Regular toothpaste should never be used to clean the retainers themselves as it can wear down the acrylic layer of the teeth and lead to infection, tooth decay or even tooth loss. Rather, tooth care products such as antibacterial denture tablets should be used. It’s also not uncommon for vinegar and water mixtures to be used to clean the removable braces.

Regular Braces

Part of the care of regular braces will involve regular visits to an orthodontist like Dr. Bowman. He will have the necessary equipment and products to clean the teeth and braces. The braces may need to be removed for a while to adjust them to deter any kind of injury or infection to the gums or teeth. Between visits to our office, the mouth should be rinsed thoroughly at least twice a day, especially after meals or snacking.

Discomfort While Eating

While braces are being worn, it’s important to remember not to eat foods that are tough to chew. If you are eating foods that are tough, you could experience some discomfort. Some people who wear braces even use food processors to tenderize their meats. If they are especially health-conscious, they might get into the habit of making fruit and vegetable smoothies so they don’t miss out on healthy fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts.

Learn More About Caring for Teeth After Braces

If you take proper care of your teeth during and after braces, the braces will have a better chance to be effective and keep your teeth healthy. During a consultation at the office of Dr. Brodie Bowman, DMD in Fort Walton Beach or Niceville, you can learn more about the proper care of teeth and braces. Contact us today to schedule your orthodontic appointment.