Experience Less Friction with SmartClip Braces

You’ve prepared yourself for the long road ahead with braces because you know it will be worth the results. Moving your teeth into the proper alignment is going to give you an unbelievable smile. You’ll have additional perks when you find that it’s easier to keep your teeth clean and you don’t have to worry about TMJ disorders or sleep apnea.

Braces are going to mean metal brackets and wires. You’re worried that they’ll make you uncomfortable as tension is applied to your teeth to shift them into place. Thanks to SmartClip braces, you can experience less friction. You may have a more positive experience when you go with this treatment.

What’s Different About SmartClip Braces?

SmartClip’s secret is the type of brackets that are used. In traditional braces, you would need to wear rubber bands to apply additional tension to your teeth. This is meant to make your braces more effective. However, rubber bands can be a hassle. They make it harder to do your oral hygiene regimen. They can make your teeth ache as well.

SmartClip braces have self-ligating brackets that do the job of applying tension to your teeth, but in a gentler way. As they work to subtly shift your teeth the way that they should go, you will feel less pressure. As an added plus, it will make your life easier when you are brushing your teeth.

Why Choose SmartClip Braces?

Choose SmartClip and your teeth will move more effectively than they would with rubber bands. This could mean fewer visits to the orthodontist and a shorter treatment time. They look better when there are no rubber bands to get in the way.

SmartClip braces use a light amount of force, but they are more efficient. You’ll get to that smile you have always wanted sooner with help from SmartClip. These braces mean more comfort, they look better and they are a more effective form of treatment as compared to other options that are out there. The sooner you get those teeth in place, the sooner those SmartClip braces can come off.

Ask Our Orthodontist About SmartClip Braces

Give yourself a reason to show off those pearly whites as soon as possible with SmartClip braces. Make an appointment with our orthodontist at the office of Dr. Brodie Bowman, DMD to discuss the possibility of using self-ligating braces to treat your orthodontic problems. Our orthodontist will examine your teeth and use medical imagery to plan out your course of treatment. Before you know it, SmartClip braces will give you something to smile about every day. Our office has locations in Niceville and Fort Walton Beach. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more.