Most teenagers don’t like the idea of wearing braces, but what they may not realize is that braces are vital for giving them a beautiful, healthy smile into adulthood. In addition to reassuring your teen that wearing braces isn’t the end of the world, you can take the following steps to help your kid deal with having to wear braces.

Research Options

If your teenage child is worried about the sight of huge metal wires inside their mouth, reassure them that they need not worry. In fact, braces alternatives have become so advanced that sometimes there’s no need for anybody to know that braces are being worn. Removable clear retainers, invisible braces, and other types are available. If your teenage child is worried about appearance, it’d be best to research alternatives to conventional metal braces.

Discuss the Long-Term Benefits

Help your teenager focus on the long-term good of wearing braces instead of the short-term problem. Your child may improve their general outlook when you tell them how amazing their smile will look after getting braces. To do so, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brodie Bowman’s office, where your teen can have a more holistic look at their current aesthetics and bite, and then Dr. Bowman can explain how treatment will improve their smile.

Dealing with Discomfort

One of the major reasons why some teens dread orthodontic treatment is the pain associated with it. This is understandable, given the difficulties teens sometimes face when it comes to tightening the brackets and wires on a regular basis. Guidance is vital for successful teen orthodontic treatment.

Prepare Your Kid for New Changes

Apart from dietary recommendations, you’ll need to make other adjustments for your teenage kid. In some cases, for example, your child should start using a mouth guard when engaging in contact sports. It is advisable to discuss these scenarios personally with our orthodontist before commencing treatment. Braces can also stop your child from participating in sports or playing an instrument. Make sure to discuss the options with our orthodontist.

While your teen may dislike wearing braces, the joint effort of you, the orthodontist, and your teenage child can make the experience much more bearable. Be sure to make an appointment for your child to get teen braces at the office of Brodie Bowman, DMD in Niceville or Fort Walton Beach. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.