We know how exciting it is to finally get your braces removed. Finally getting to see your brand-new million dollar smile is a huge event for anyone – teens and adults alike.  Here is some more information about what to expect when your braces come off.

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How will my teeth look?

The way that your teeth look after your braces are removed is greatly dependent upon how well you took care of them while the braces were on. Some people have discoloration due to plaque that built up and could not be removed from behind or underneath the braces. These usually fade over time, but may be noticeable for a few weeks.

How do I properly care for my teeth after braces?

Caring for your teeth after braces is much like caring for them before braces. You need to maintain a clean mouth by brushing twice daily, flossing, using mouth wash, and scheduling regular cleanings with your dentist. If you have to wear a retainer, it is very important that you clean and store it properly. This retainer may be uncomfortable for the first few days, much like the braces were when you first got them on, but you will get used to it after a while.

Post-braces tips:

  • Do not neglect your retainer! You would not want to go through the whole process of getting braces again.
  • After braces are removed, your teeth and gums may be sensitive for a few weeks. Do not immediately start eating all of those forbidden foods, but ease into it to let you gums get used to it.
  • If you do have discoloration, you need to wait a few weeks before trying any type of whitening agent to remove the stains.
  • Practice speaking or singing while wearing your retainer. You may have a slight lisp at first, but this will fade after you practice talking with it in your mouth.
  • Do not put your retainer on a napkin! This is the number one way that retainers get misplaced since they are often thrown away by accident.
  • When you do not feel like wearing your retainer, remember how much you hated wearing braces, and use that as motivation.
  • If your retainer is causing you pain in the first couple of days, trying mixing a solution of warm salt water. Gargle and swish this around your mouth to help dull the aches and pains.

After the long, hard road of having braces is over, take a minute to look in the mirror and appreciate your smile. Even though it was not fun, most people admit that it is definitely worth it to get the smile they now have.