You’ve made the decision to take a positive step forward and get braces for your teeth. Braces are beneficial for many reasons, and they are more than a cosmetic form of treatment. While it is true that braces will give you a more beautiful smile once your treatment is complete, they will also enable you to have healthier teeth.

Oral hygiene is easier when your teeth are in proper alignment, and you do not have an issue with crowding. A proper bite will help you to avoid TMJ disorders that can be quite painful. You can even resolve problems with sleep apnea when braces correct the position of your teeth. That being said, you need to know what to expect now that you are getting braces put on your teeth.

What Will it Feel Like Immediately After Getting Braces?

When you first get your braces, you can expect your mouth to be sore. For the first week or so, your teeth are going to be tender as you adjust to the gentle tension from the wires on your braces. With wires and brackets, your teeth will gradually shift into the desired position.

At the beginning, and after adjustments, it is normal to experience painful teeth. You can manage your pain with pain relievers and by eating soft foods. Use wax from your dentist to deal with discomfort from mouth sores. As your braces rub against the inside of your mouth, irritations may occur. Over the counter medications can relieve pain. By the end of four weeks, you should adjust to braces and no longer feel tenderness.

How Fast Will Movement Occur with Braces?

Braces do not cause a change overnight. Whether you choose traditional braces, braces worn behind your teeth, or clear aligners, it is a gradual process. Your teeth are shifted in a gentle manner that will only be noticeable over time. Most patients wear braces for at least a year. Two years are typical. In some cases, treatment may take longer. Expect it to take at least a year before you notice changes in your teeth. You will probably reach your end goal of treatment between a year and a half and two years. The condition of your teeth, any health issues, and your age can have an impact on how effective your treatment is. These factors can have an impact on how long your orthodontic treatment plan will take as well.

Discuss Length of Treatment with Your Orthodontist
The best way to determine when you can start seeing progress is to discuss the outcome with your orthodontist. As you return for additional appointments, adjustments will be made, and your teeth will be monitored. Every individual respond differently.

Once you do get the smile that you have always wanted, to be sure to follow your orthodontist’s instructions about wearing a retainer. You want to ensure that all of your hard work, money, and time pay off as you keep your beautiful smile. Contact Grace and Bowman Orthodontics today to schedule your consultation.