How Effective Is Invisalign?

An attractive smile can have a profound impact on every aspect of a patient’s life, from their professional success to their personal well-being. But getting braces, especially after puberty, can be traumatic because it involves lifestyle and appearance changes. At Brodie Bowman Orthodontics in Fort Walton Beach, FL, we offer an innovative and simple alternative called Invisalign.

This invisalign treatment involves the use of invisible aligners, which are worn for 20-22 hours a day, usually for 6-18 months. They are the preferred choice of many patients because they don’t change the person’s appearance, they can be removed for eating and important presentations, and they are easy to clean. But how effective are invisible aligners, and are you likely to experience a good result after using them? Read on to find out more.

How Effective Is Invisalign?

invisalign have been around since the late 1990s, and they have been FDA-approved for well over 20 years. During this time, countless patients have benefitted from this simple yet effective method. If you have a mild or moderate orthodontic condition, it’s likely that invisible aligners will be just as effective as traditional braces, so there’s no reason why you can’t benefit from them.

Countless studies have shown that, when used correctly and consistently, these aligners can correct a wide range of issues. However, it’s important to speak to an experienced dentist before proceeding, since you need to make sure that this is the right choice for you. Your doctor will take your orthodontic issue as well as your habits and other lifestyle factors into consideration before prescribing invisible aligners.

What Issues Can Be Corrected?

When people think of orthodontic problems, they usually imagine crooked teeth. But while this is the most frequent issue, there are plenty of other potential problems with your teeth. If your bite is wrong, you might have overbite, underbite, crossbite, or an open bite. Some people also suffer from large gaps between their teeth or crowded teeth.

All these conditions can be addressed by invisible aligners, but not in every patient, and not if there are multiple problems. The best way to find out whether you’re a good candidate is to come to the clinic. We’ll assess your condition and help you find the simplest treatment possible.

Crooked Teeth

The most common reason why people come to the clinic and ask for invisible aligners is crooked teeth. This is a very normal issue, affecting around nine out of ten people to some degree. While not everyone needs to have their teeth corrected, many people feel better once they’ve undergone treatment. Don’t hesitate to come to the clinic, even if you’d like a minor correction. Remember, invisible aligners are fully customizable.

Large Gaps

Another problem is large gaps between the teeth. While this might look sweet in small children, it can detract from an adult’s appearance and make them feel insecure. What’s more, food can get caught between the teeth and the gums, which can lead to cavities and gum disease. Invisible aligners are a good choice for mild cases, but if you have very large gaps, you might need to explore other options.

Overbite, Underbite, Crossbite

An overbite occurs when your upper teeth close too far in front of your lower teeth. Not only does this make your teeth look big, but it also makes chewing certain foods harder. An underbite is the opposite problem, so the lower teeth close in front of the upper teeth. It’s even more important to correct this condition because it can affect speech and wear down the teeth more quickly.

Crossbite is when some of the upper teeth sit behind the lower ones, but some sit in front. This can lead to more chipped teeth and eroding gums. All three of these conditions can be addressed with invisible aligners, but only under certain conditions. If the problem is too pronounced or there are other issues such as rotated teeth, you might need to opt for braces instead.

An Open Bite

An open bite is when the upper and lower teeth don’t meet. This can be a genetic issue, or it can be caused by bad habits such as thumb or tongue sucking in childhood. It’s important to get an open bite treated because it can cause speech problems, a wearing down of the teeth, and problems with biting and chewing.

What’s more, many people feel self-conscious because this orthodontic issue affects the way they look. In most cases, an open bite can be treated by either Invisalign or braces, but sometimes, surgery is necessary.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth are also very common, especially in people who haven’t had their wisdom teeth removed. It happens because there isn’t enough space in the mouth, so teeth start to twist and overlap. As a result, food can get stuck in between them, increasing the patient’s risk of cavities. Invisible aligners are sometimes a suitable treatment method for this issue, but only in mild and moderate cases.

What Are the Advantages of Invisible Aligners?

The main reason why most people get invisible aligners is that they don’t want people to see their braces. However, there are many additional advantages. This treatment method is less disruptive, requires fewer doctor’s visits, and is suitable for all age groups. What’s more, the trays are easy to keep clean, so they are a more hygienic solution.

Less Invasive and Disruptive Treatment Method

Getting braces can be extremely disruptive, especially if you have a lot going on. You might worry about giving presentations in front of people, practicing sports with your braces, and how you’ll fit in all your doctor’s appointments around your busy schedule.

Since invisible aligners only have to be worn for 20-22 hours every day, you can take them out during mealtimes and important events. What’s more, you won’t need to book many appointments while you’re being treated. Once your initial consultation is over, you’ll simply be sent a new set of trays every one or two weeks. Occasionally, you’ll attend a checkup at your dentist’s office, but these appointments will be very short.

Easy To Clean and Keep Hygienic

With traditional braces, it can be challenging to keep up good hygiene habits because they make it harder for you to eat many foods, especially ones that are chewy or very crunchy. This can have an adverse effect on your health if you’re already on the slim side or you have nutritional deficiencies. What’s more, the risk of getting food stuck in between your braces and teeth can make eating with other people uncomfortable.

With invisible aligners, you don’t have to worry about this because the trays can be removed when eating, so you can stick to your regular diet. After you’ve eaten, you simply brush your teeth and pop the aligners back into your mouth. The trays can be cleaned with the help of a special solution, and they are replaced every 1-2 weeks, so there’s no chance of unhygienic conditions.

Suitable for All Age Groups

invisalign aren’t reserved for a single age group. Instead, they are suitable for children, teenagers, and adults. In fact, they are particularly helpful for people who are older because the trays aren’t as visible as traditional braces. If you need to appear professional at your job, it’s easy to do so with invisible aligners because most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them, and you can even take them off during important meetings.

How Can I Get Started?

As mentioned, the best way to get started is to reach out to an experienced dentist. They can evaluate your teeth and determine whether invisible aligners will work well for you. If so, the doctor will take a digital mold of your teeth, which is sent to the tray manufacturers. Your first tray can be fitted shortly afterward, and you will start to wear it for most of the day and night.

Depending on the severity of your orthodontic issues, you might have to have invisible aligners for 6-18 months. At the end of treatment, you’ll have a final appointment with your dentist to confirm that you are happy with your results.

Get Your Perfect Smile Now

Invisalign is an innovative solution for people who need to have their teeth straightened out or their bite corrected. This system is as effective as traditional braces, but it is less invasive, easier to implement, and more hygienic. Give us a call at Brodie Bowman Orthodontics in Fort Walton Beach, FL to find out more about this treatment and to book your consultation. We can analyze your orthodontic condition and let you know if you’re a good candidate.