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How Fast Do Diamond Braces Work?

Finding the right braces can be tough, and that’s why we’re hoping to make the process a little easier for you. At Brodie Bowman Orthodontics in Niceville and Fort Walton Beach, FL, we know finding the right fit for your needs is important. We offer a range of options and would be happy to answer your questions about any of them. Today, we’re going to focus on some common questions you may have about mini diamond braces.

How Fast Do Diamond Braces Work?

Effective Design

Diamond braces operate at about the same speed that traditional braces do while offering the benefit of a smaller bracket size. If the corrections you need are mild, it’s possible to complete your treatment in a year. Some patients will need longer, depending on how comprehensive their needs are.

After we evaluate your smile and talk through your goals with you, we’ll have a better idea of what your individual timeline will be. Regardless, with these effective braces, you can rest easy knowing that the job is being done as quickly as possible.

Consistent and Reliable

One of the treatments we offer here is Invisalign. It is a very flexible and versatile aligner series that can help many patients. That said, one of the benefits braces has is, unlike clear aligners, braces can’t be lost.

If you live in a busy home and are concerned that either you or your teenager could end up misplacing their aligners, braces could be the right call. With braces, you don’t have to remember to wear them for a set amount of time, since they’re always right where they should be. This can help patients keep their treatment schedule on track.

What Are the Benefits of Mini Diamond Braces?


Diamond braces are made of a durable metal. They’re designed to be tough enough for a range of dental corrections and durable enough to handle life. Durability is an important factor, especially if you or your child enjoys playing sports or has an active lifestyle.

Even though we recommend using mouth protection to keep your teeth and braces safe whenever necessary, knowing these braces are built to last can give patients additional peace of mind. The smaller brackets of these braces can also make protecting the braces and your mouth a bit easier.


Due to their smaller size, our mini braces can make staying on top of oral hygiene easier. Brushing and flossing are always important, but staying on top of cleaning is even more important when you have braces. Patients have to make sure that their braces stay clean so plaque doesn’t interfere with their functionality, and so their teeth and gums stay healthy.

Mini brackets tend to be easier to clean than traditional brackets. Their small size makes them less of a hassle to work around, so you can carry out a thorough cleaning more effectively.


These braces can handle both mild and very involved corrections. Metal braces have the muscle to handle jobs that some other braces or corrective devices may not be up to. In most cases, mini braces can treat the same issues traditional braces can.

While we’ll want to go over your needs in person with you, some of the conditions diamond braces treat include the following:

  • Crossbites
  • Gaps
  • Misalignment
  • Overcrowding
  • Protruding teeth
  • Overbites and underbites


Age Range

The comfort, smaller size, and reduced appearance of these braces can make them an excellent choice for patients both young and old. Kids tend to appreciate that mini braces are less bulky, which can make it easier to talk and help them feel more confident. Adults tend to appreciate that the braces are more subtle, so they feel less self-conscious at work or in their social lives.


Many adults worry that if they didn’t get braces as kids, now it’s too late. The truth is that many adults seek out braces, and they can be a great tool to help you feel better about your smile. If you want to fix an issue that’s been bugging you, mini braces can help you make those adjustments.

Improved Health

In addition to cosmetic benefits, there are many health reasons to consider braces too. Clearing away plaque is an important part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy, but misaligned teeth can make that very difficult. When teeth are packed together or overlap with each other, it can make it difficult to get them clean. Even if you brush for a full two minutes and floss each time, these overlapping areas can start to develop tartar.

Seeking out professional cleanings can help, but even then, misaligned teeth can make it challenging to get your teeth as clean as they could be. They can also make it harder to place caps, fillings, and other necessary treatments. With the misalignment corrected, you can set yourself up for a healthier smile.


Misaligned teeth can cause your jaw alignment to be out of whack too. This can put a strain on your neck and jaw muscles, and can even contribute to headaches. Patients who are struggling with the effects of a misaligned jaw may notice it has a negative effect on their sleep. It can also cause the enamel of your teeth to wear down unevenly, which can put you at greater risk of early tooth decay and loss.

Treating these issues can help you be more comfortable in the future. Issues with tooth alignment almost never improve on their own, and can eventually cause a chain reaction of dental issues. If you know there’s an issue you want to correct, treating it as soon as possible can help make your treatment as easy and effective as possible.

FAQ About Mini Braces

1. Is There a Way To Reduce My Treatment Time?

Using the carriere motion appliance is a way we can help our patients get a head start on their treatment. It represents the latest orthodontic technology, all wrapped up in a simple device we can place discreetly on your back teeth. It will start gently guiding your teeth from there.

Most patients will wear it for three to four months, but the treatment time can be adjusted based on your needs. Once the desired improvement is achieved, we can remove the device and finish the job with braces.

2. What Can I Expect During Treatment?

A safe, extremely durable dental glue can be used to secure the small brackets to your teeth. Archwires, which will be guiding your teeth into position, are attached to the brackets. While elastics can still be used to apply gentle pressure to the teeth, we also offer SmartClip self-ligating technology. Self-ligating braces allow patients to avoid elastics altogether.

3. Will I Need Retainers After My Braces?

Retainers help remind your teeth to stay in their new, correct position once your braces come off. It’s important not to skip this step, as you could be putting all your hard work at risk if you don’t wear your retainer.

When it’s time to remove your braces, we’ll let you know how long we recommend wearing your retainer. After wearing your retainers full-time for a little while, you can switch to wearing them just at night.

4. What Other Options Do I Have?

Diamond braces have a lot to offer, but we know each patient has different needs. Each of our treatments provides slightly different benefits. If you still find yourself unsure of the right option, we would be happy to offer our advice and expertise. We have a lot of experience and will be able to tell you which treatment we believe has the best chance of being a good fit.

Clear Braces

Also known as ceramic braces, its brackets are made of a clear material with the goal of blending into your smile. Our clear braces are stain-resistant and can offer some extra discretion by making your braces less noticeable.


These clear aligners aren’t braces, but they can handle a lot of the same corrections that braces can. This customized treatment plan involves a series of aligners that slide right over your teeth and can be taken out at will. Some patients may be able to use Invisalign to shorten the time they have to wear braces or choose Invisalign as an alternative to braces.

Ready for a Consultation?

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