What Are the Benefits of Traditional Braces?

There are a lot of different braces out there. On one hand, that’s good news for patients since they have plenty of choices available to them. On the other hand, it can be challenging for patients to know what kind of braces are a good fit for them. Our team at Brodie Bowman Orthodontics in Niceville and Fort Walton Beach, FL, offers a range of different options. Today we’re going to cover some common questions patients have about traditional braces.

What Are the Benefits of Traditional Braces?


Traditional braces are made of sturdy metal and are designed to be both reliable and durable. They can be a good fit for mild corrections and more involved treatments. In either case, metal braces are designed to handle a variety of needs.

A combination of strength and well-respected design means these braces may be able to handle corrections that other types of braces can’t. While a consultation will give us the best idea of what could be a good fit for you, these braces can generally be used to treat the following concerns:

  • Crossbites
  • Tooth gaps
  • Misalignment
  • Overbites
  • Crowded teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Underbites



If you live an active lifestyle, choosing braces known for their durability is probably a good idea. For example, if you or your kid plays sports, you’ll want to make sure the braces you choose are built to last.

Metal braces can offer some peace of mind as they’re less likely to break when compared to some of the alternatives. Of course, we still strongly recommend that you protect your braces as much as possible. No braces are invincible!


If you’re wanting to correct your smile without burning a hole in your wallet, metal braces tend to be one of the most affordable options.

This fact doesn’t make them lower quality, though. These braces are perfectly capable of correcting your smile. Going easy on your budget shouldn’t mean you have to compromise, which is why it can be encouraging for patients to know that these affordable braces can provide them with the quality results they’re looking for.


Metal braces are called “traditional” for a reason. They’ve been the default treatment option for decades, proving their worth over a significant span of time. Even though they’re the traditional option, they’re still commonly used today since they work so well.

That doesn’t mean the style of metal braces has remained stagnant. Over time, small adjustments to the design of these braces have been made. The metal braces of today are generally even more effective and comfortable, while still keeping true to the methods that have made them a lasting success.


While the length of your treatment depends on your needs, these braces don’t waste any time getting to work on your smile. With good application and maintenance, metal braces should be able to give you results as quickly as possible.

Some patients could be able to finish their treatment in as little as a year, especially if their necessary corrections are less severe. Other patients will need longer, but can still rest easy knowing that the job is being done effectively. Once your treatment is over, you’ll have a lifetime of benefits to look forward to.


Patients often look into braces to improve their confidence, but there are health reasons to correct your smile as well. When teeth are misaligned, they create packed or overlapped areas that can be difficult to get truly clean. When we’re not able to thoroughly clean off our plaque, it can turn to tartar. When that happens, the patient is at risk for gum disease and tooth decay.

When your teeth are corrected, staying on top of dental health can be easier for both you and your dentist, since straightened teeth are even easier to fit with crowns and fillings.


Misaligned teeth can cause issues when it comes to dental comfort. If your teeth are misaligned, your jaw may become misaligned as well. The uneven wearing of teeth and the incorrect position of the jaw can lead to muscle strain. Not only can this contribute to jaw pain, but the strain can cause headaches and interfere with sleep. Protruding teeth are another risk when it comes to comfort, as these teeth are more likely to cause a mouth injury.

Ultimately it’s important for patients to know that misaligned teeth almost never correct themselves. In fact, they’re more likely to get worse than better. With that in mind, if you know you have tooth issues you want to correct, it’s a good idea to start treatment as soon as you can. If you continue to wait, the treatment could become more involved down the road.


No matter your age, if you’re unhappy with your smile our team is ready to help. We want all of our patients to be able to smile with confidence. Braces are a tool we can use to help you achieve that goal.


As you look into your different options, you may have run into some information on clear aligners. Clear aligners are a wonderful treatment option. In fact, our team is pleased to offer Invisalign as an alternative to braces. However, there are some benefits braces offer that clear aligners can’t. One of the benefits is that you can’t remove braces.

Why Is This a Benefit?

The removability of clear aligners can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it makes them very convenient. On the other hand, it makes them easy to misplace. Some patients, especially those with kids or pets, may not want to risk removing their clear aligners and having them disappear.

Patients looking into treatments for their kids will also need to be sure that their kids are ready for the responsibility of remembering where they put their aligners, and remembering to wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours per day. If any of these concerns apply to you, braces might be a good call. Metal braces can’t be lost. They’re always right where they should be.

FAQ About Metal Braces

1. How Do They Work?

Braces are securely connected to your teeth with dental glue. This safe glue will be used on the brackets first. Once the brackets are secure we’ll be able to attach your archwires. Archwires have the important job of applying gentle pressure and guiding your teeth bit by bit. If any parts of your smile need a little extra help, elastics may be used.

Finally, at the end of your treatment, you’ll want to wear a retainer at night. This will help remind your teeth to stay in their new position, so you don’t backtrack.

2. Are These a Good Option for Kids?

These braces can be used for patients of all ages, and they’re especially well-suited for kids due to their durability and versatility. Kids tend to be less bothered by the appearance of metal braces, especially when they have friends with braces. In addition, kids may enjoy getting to customize their traditional braces with colorful elastics.

3. What Are the Other Options?

Traditional braces are great, but we offer a range of treatments for a reason. Different types of braces each have their own benefits, and you may find that some are a better fit for you than others. Speaking to you will help us understand what you want so we can customize your treatment plan.


True to their name, mini-diamond braces have smaller brackets than traditional options. They’re known to be very comfortable, effective, and able get the treatment done in about the same time frame as traditional braces.

Clear Braces

Clear or ceramic braces are an especially appealing option for adults who want their brackets to be as discreet as possible. These brackets are designed to blend in, which can sometimes help adults feel more comfortable pursuing their treatment in a professional setting.


This ever-improving approach is growing in popularity and respect. Invisalign may allow patients to avoid braces altogether, or shorten their treatment time. A series of clear aligners are used to nudge the patient’s teeth closer to their goal, with each aligner bringing them closer to the finish line. They can be removed so patients can continue to eat and drink as normal.

In addition to different treatment options, we also have devices designed to hasten your treatment and make it as effective and comfortable as we can.

Are You Ready To Learn More About Our Treatments?

It can be helpful to gather information beforehand, but when it comes to making a final decision, our team would be happy to help answer your questions. When we take a look at your individual needs and goals, we’ll be able to tell you what treatments best fit what you’re looking for. If you’re ready for a consultation, reach out to us at Brodie Bowman Orthodontics in Niceville and Fort Walton Beach, FL, today to learn more!