How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

When you want to adjust your teeth, but you don’t want to deal with the trouble of traditional braces, Invisalign Treatment could be the answer for you. You can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing that you’re doing it with this customized tray-based system. Here at Brodie Bowman Orthodontics in Fort Walton Beach, FL and Niceville, FL, we are proud to offer this excellent way to improve your smile, quickly and discreetly. Why not consider this treatment if your smile needs a little boost? The results might surprise you.

How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

Generally, it takes this treatment between a year and a year-and-a-half to fully improve your condition. The timeline is dependent on the condition of your teeth, and you may even see results sooner depending on your situation. Some patients see results within a few short weeks, but that’s not common and shouldn’t be expected.

We make sure that all of your expectations are set right away by our staff after they talk to you about what you can reasonably expect. We will also develop a treatment and follow-up plan so that everything goes smoothly.

About Your Treatment

This treatment involves inserting and removing several sets of clear liners. Due to their transparency, you won’t notice that you’re getting work done on your teeth. 3D technology is used to create each tray specifically for each patient. This will allow them to fit perfectly onto your teeth and gradually shift your teeth into the proper positions. When it comes to dental care, no one treatment fits all, so we take specific measures to ensure that your custom trays achieve your unique goals.

During your first consultation, our team evaluates your teeth configuration and makes recommendations for treatment. You will receive a personalized plan and advice on how to maintain your trays for maximum effectiveness. The traditional rule of thumb is to wear them at least 20 hours a day, only removing them to drink, eat, and brush your teeth. You will gradually switch to a new tray as your teeth move over a period of time. The initial trays are just the first in a series. Every tray set is designed to move your teeth a little at a time.

Does It Hurt?

Comfort is of the utmost importance in this treatment. The Invisalign Treatment trays are flexible and made of plastic, unlike traditional braces that can cut up and hurt your lips and gums. The trays are FDA approved and contain no additives or toxins that could seep into your body, and because they are made of plastic, there’s no risk at all of being cut. These trays are very safe and can be used easily.

The Benefits of Using Invisalign

This treatment has many advantages over traditional braces. For instance, you can remove the trays to drink, eat, or take care of your teeth. The results you want should be fairly easy to accomplish, as long as you use the trays consistently and keep them in for the majority of the day. You won’t experience any pain when wearing them, unlike traditional braces. Most importantly, you will actually be able to see the progress as the treatment works.

Because the aligners can be removed before you brush and floss, you won’t have to worry about discolored teeth after you have completed your treatment. When people use traditional braces, their teeth often end up with white squares where the brackets were, with yellow around them where their braces were. Tooth discoloration can be unsightly and require several teeth-whitening appointments to fix. In contrast, it is very easy to clean aligners, and most people have uniform colored teeth once they are done.

Am I a Candidate?

This treatment is available to virtually anyone. Teens especially benefit from these treatments, because many of them experience discomfort with standard braces and dislike the appearance of having a “metal mouth.” Adults can also benefit from these treatments, and it could be exactly what you’ve been looking for if you’ve always wanted your teeth fixed but didn’t want to have traditional braces because you feel like you’re too old for that look!

Using the tray system enables you to control the speed of your treatment because you have the flexibility and option of taking out the trays as needed. Furthermore, it is also an excellent treatment for treating both minor as well as major dental problems, such as overbite or teeth crowding.

Even though anyone can receive this type of treatment, the results will differ from person to person. Find out what options you have by talking to our team, and let us design a plan for you so that you can get the smile you want without the discomfort of traditional braces.

What If I’m Already Using Traditional Braces?

It is fairly easy to switch from traditional braces to Invisalign Treatment if you already have orthodontic appliances. Basically, all that you need to do is visit us to come up with a plan to remove your braces and begin your new treatment regimen. Depending on who your intitial provider was, you may have to undergo some additional steps, such as whitening your teeth, and you might be charged a difference in costs.

Despite this fact, the majority of people think that the adjustment is worth the effort since they are typically happier with their trays than they are with traditional braces.

How to Get the Best Results

You can maximize your treatment plan in a variety of ways. The first suggestion is straightforward: Keep your trays inside as long as possible every day. You don’t have to remove them just because they’re removable! In general, you should keep your aligners in for at least 20 hours a day, only removing them for specific moments when eating or drinking, or to floss and brush your teeth. Your trays should especially be kept in when you first get them, since they are settling in and adapting to your teeth.

Once you get used to them, you should notice your mouth trays less and less. As you become more and more used to them, they will become less of a hindrance and more of a part of your everyday routine. You will become more comfortable speaking to others while wearing the strays, and you will barely even notice that they are there when you smile back to yourself in the bathroom.
Practicing regular dental care is another way to improve the experience you have at a dental office by ensuring that it is as pleasant as possible. It is important to remember to brush and floss on a daily basis. You have to be extra careful to remove any food particles that find their way between your teeth as your teeth shift and move. By doing this, you will prevent cavities and have a beautiful smile!

Other Benefits: Whiter Teeth!

Many people fail to consider a major benefit of this treatment: you will have whiter teeth, too! Although the primary purpose of this treatment is to straighten your teeth or fix any dental issues, the trays can also protect your teeth from staining elements. These trays protect your teeth from everyday wear and tear by coating them in plastic. Make sure you use a whitening toothpaste in conjunction with this treatment to maximize the whitening potential. Using the trays will keep the active ingredients of your toothpaste in your mouth for hours, so they will provide long-lasting results.

Other Ways Keep Your Teeth White

Keep Clean

After eating or drinking, brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash. As a result, your teeth will be free of surface particles, as well as deposits of food that are hidden between teeth. By doing this, you reduce the chance of food getting trapped between your trays and teeth.

Limit Staining Drinks

Make sure that you limit your consumption of stain-causing foods like coffee, tea, and red wine. Consider adding milk to your coffee or even sipping iced coffee through a straw if you like to drink your coffee in the morning. As a general rule of thumb, any food that can stain a white t-shirt can also stain your teeth. In general, limit your intake of foods like curry, BBQ, tomatoes, cherries, etc. This does not mean that you need to eradicate these foods from your diet permanently! All you need to do is make sure that you brush right after eating them.

Clean Your Aligners Regularly

To prevent discoloration, wash your aligners regularly. Make sure you brush your teeth before putting back your trays, and avoid drinking or eating anything while they’re inside your mouth, particularly foods or drinks that could stain your teeth. You should not smoke with the aligners in your mouth. They will appear yellowish when you do this, and much more noticeable.

Get the Smile You Want

Our orthodontic treatments are a great alternative for people who have always wanted the smile of their dreams but do not want to get traditional braces. Many new options are available to help you achieve the look that you want and deserve. The power of a beautiful smile transforms a person’s face to an incredible extent, so let us help you achieve that. With our no-pressure consultation, you can find out if Invisalign treatment is a good fit for you.

As a team, we are friendly and family-oriented and aim to treat every patient as if they were our own family. If you’re interested in how Invisalign treatment can help you, don’t hesitate. Contact us at Brodie Bowman Orthodontics in Fort Walton Beach, FL and Niceville, FL today to get started.