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Five Little Known Facts about Braces

You know that braces help to straighten out crooked teeth and ensure the correct spacing for your teeth. What you may not know, however, are the numerous not-so-obvious but exciting facts about braces not many people are aware of. Our orthodontist’s skills are not limited to what is taught in dental school, and he offers as many benefits to your overall well-being as other medical professionals.
Here are five facts about braces that you may not be aware of:
1. The Cosmetic Benefits of Braces Match Plastic Surgery 
The first thing that people notice about you is your face. Your smile is one of the features that attracts people, and having aligned teeth guarantees a perfect smile. Just as plastic surgery eliminates the folds and wrinkles in your face and makes you more attractive, so does a brace by realigning your teeth. Braces, unlike plastic surgery, guarantee permanent results as long as you follow your treatment plan.
2. Installing, Maintaining, and Removing Braces Requires Many Tools
Our orthodontist has more tools than a handyman. The range of patients seeking braces varies from kids as little as seven to adults late into adulthood. Orthodontists need a vast set of tools to deal with their diverse clientele and the range of defects they correct.
3. You May Require a Variety of Treatment Plans to Fix Your Dental Condition
If you have a metal allergy, our orthodontist may recommend ceramic braces. If you are a public speaker, you may choose Invisalign®, while teen braces and braces for kids may be brightly colored. Recommending an orthodontic treatment requires our orthodontists to check your medical records for your patient history including bone structure, budget, and goals for treatment.
4. Your Overall Dental Health Is Improved
Orthodontics is not only about cosmetic appeal! Having your teeth aligned reduces the number of dentist appointments you schedule in a year since flossing and brushing are made easy, and plaque does not build up.
5. You Get a Confidence Boost
Our team of professionals will direct you through a treatment plan that will guarantee improvements in your life. Having a nice smile does wonders for your self-confidence, and your chewing and presentation in public spaces are improved. If you’re comfortable with your general outlook, you are likely to be more socially engaged with others.
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