Tips to Get the Most Benefits out of Your Invisalign Treatment

For many people hesitant to try out traditional wire braces, Invisalign® can be an excellent alternative. Apart from being more convenient, this treatment is also painless. It’s really easy to remove and clean the trays, meaning you can eat and brush your teeth much more comfortably. But like other braces, new users need to take care of their Invisalign® trays to ensure they get the most out of them. Here are some care tips to ensure you get maximum benefits out of your Invisalign® treatment.
Follow the 48-Hour Instructions
For the first two days, you need to ensure you put your Invisalign® on as often as possible. The advice offered by most orthodontists to new users is to only remove the trays when brushing your teeth and making sure to put them back in right away. Even though they are convenient due to the fact that they can be removed, taking them out too much or for too long can render them ineffective.
Wear Them at Least 22 Hours a Day
Like braces, the more you wear your Invisalign®, the better they work. You need to ensure you wear the aligners for most of your day with a few hours break to clean your teeth and trays. For the best and positive results, you need to wear the trays at least 22 hours of the daily 24 hours of your day. That means don’t spend a lot of time eating, and put them back in as soon as you are done.
Timely Changing of Aligners
Listening to our orthodontist is crucial in ensuring you realize faster and longer-lasting results. You’ll need to take their advice when it comes to changing and replacing your aligners. Care providers know how to enhance the effectiveness of the trays and thus are in a better position to tell you how often to replace the aligners. Additionally, replacing the trays without our orthodontist’s recommendation will not make the treatment any faster.
Daily Flossing
While you may be brushing your teeth daily, flossing is equally essential to enhance the effectiveness of the Invisalign® treatment. The aligners may hold bits of food left over following your brushing routine. These pieces that are held up against your teeth may prevent the saliva from doing its work between your teeth. Thus, flossing is vital in ensuring you clean between your teeth to promote your oral hygiene.
Oral care does not need to be hectic, especially with Invisalign® treatment at the offices of Dr. Brodie Bowman in Niceville and Fort Walton Beach, FL. Looking to regain that confident smile but hesitant about wearing braces? Invisalign® has everything you need. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!