Want to Maintain a Beautiful Smile? Here Are Four Ways to Care for Braces

Braces are important for kids growing up, and the fruits of wearing them will be evident later in life. The best braces Pensacola has to offer can help fix crooked teeth, straighten teeth which are too far apart or too close together, and stop over- or under-bites. Care for braces is, therefore, an integral part of the experience.
Here Are Four Ways to Care for Braces that Pensacola Patients Swear By:
Brush and Floss Regularly
If your dental hygiene was poor before getting braces, it’s vital to up your game. When wearing braces, taking care of your teeth and gums becomes extremely important, and that means brushing and flossing regularly. When doing so, be gentle to avoid damaging the brackets and the wires.
Use a soft-headed brush and toothpaste with fluorine. It’s highly recommended to brush your teeth after every meal because foods can get stuck in your braces, creating ideal conditions for plaque buildup. Flossing after meals also helps remove food particles stuck between your teeth or on the braces’ brackets and wiring.
Be gentle when flossing because too much flossing can destroy your braces. Thread it carefully between the braces’ wire and the tooth, then work it back and forth slowly between the braces and the teeth.
Avoid Certain Foods
Our dentist will provide a list of foods to avoid. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any hard, chewy, or sticky foods. Sticky foods like gummy candy and caramels are more likely to get stuck, while crunchy foods like hard pretzels and popcorn can also get stuck in the braces. Hard foods can also make braces snap when you bite down.
Apart from avoiding certain foods, you may also want to be cautious about anything you put in your mouth. People who bite their nails or chew pens can destroy their braces easily. Also, crunching hard objects, such as ice, can be disastrous.
Protect Braces during Sports
Braces shouldn’t stop you or your kid from participating in sports. However, you must put on a mouth guard to protect them when practicing or during a game. Wearing a mouth guard on the top and bottom of your mouth when having braces is highly recommended. For the best fit, invest in a custom-made mouth guard.
See Our Orthodontist Immediately
Despite taking care of your braces, some things may occur that make them break or snap. If a bracket or wire gets loose, see our dentist immediately. Also, be extra cautious with broken wires, to avoid swallowing or breathing them in.
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