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Educate Your Children About Braces for Kids

If you have decided that your child should start treatment with braces, then it is only wise that you prepare them mentally for the process. They need to understand the reason behind wearing them, the significance of it and the expectations at the end of the braces for kids treatment.
At the office of Dr Bowman DDS in Fort Walton Beach, you can expect exceptional services with the aim of nothing less than optimal dental health. To help your child begin their treatment with confidence, here are four tips on how to prepare them:
Talk About the Reasons
As much as you know what is best for your kids, your perception as an adult is not similar to theirs. It is essential that you discuss openly with them the primary reason why they need to wear braces and what they can expect from it. Let them ask questions, as this usually helps them process the information and also feel like they have been included in the decision.
Tell Them What the Process Entails
Most kids do not really like closed rooms with people in white overcoats as they associate that with injections. You can ease your child’s distress by telling them something about what they can expect at the orthodontist’s office. Injections are never used in the fitting process and sessions usually take about an hour or two. First of all, the orthodontist will clean and dry the teeth, apply bonding glue and then fit the brackets.
Shop for Soft Foods
After the treatment, it can be uncomfortable for your child to chew on tough foods. Let them know that it is time to restock the fridge especially for them. You can take your child shopping for soft foods. Rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, tender meats, pudding, and pancakes are some of the soft foods anyone with newly-fitted braces can eat.
Orthodontic Wax
The orthodontic wax or dental wax forms a protective film that keeps brackets still. Getting used to braces can take time, and your child may experience discomfort associated with scratchy braces. This is where orthodontic wax comes to the rescue. You can also teach your child how to apply the wax whenever they feel movement or the wires break.
Braces for kids in Pensacola are fitted by Dr Bowman DDS of Brodie Bowman Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in Fort Walton Beach and Niceville. Do not hesitate to contact us today for more information about braces for kids and teens.