How Often Should You Brush with Braces?

To keep your mouth healthy, brushing your teeth often is essential. But having to do this with braces might feel like a tough task. Although braces cannot damage your teeth, the wires and brackets can trap bacteria and food particles which can result in a variety of dental problems, including plaque buildup, cavities, and bad breath. To remove plaque and avoid bad breath, proper oral hygiene is required.
Why Should You Brush Often with Braces?
Plaque buildup can make your gums red and swollen in the initial stages if you do not brush regularly. When the infection and inflammation become so acute that the ligament and bones which support the teeth are affected, periodontitis occurs. The gums are pulled away from the teeth as a result, and they develop holes that accumulate more plaque. Also, poor oral hygiene can lead to decalcification; permanent stain marks which develop around your braces.
How Often Should You Brush with Braces?
After eating a meal or a snack, particles can get stuck in between the teeth. If you’ve got braces, there are more nooks and crannies for the food particles to settle. It is smarter to brush after every meal or snack. It might not be too convenient, but your teeth will certainly be healthy. To make this easy and possible, many individuals carry along a compact travel toothbrush. Also, ensure that you brush your teeth for up to two minutes – spending 30 seconds brushing each quadrant of the mouth.
When You Cannot Brush
Getting rid of food particles is still possible, even if you cannot brush your teeth after each meal. You can simply take a moment to rinse your mouth with water after eating, and then spit it out into the sink. You can also use mouthwash. This will loosen the particles of food, reduce inflammation on your gums, and prevent infection.
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