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Is Invisalign the Right Option for Your Child?

Apart from the more common dental braces for treating misaligned teeth, there is a much more private option available today called Invisalign®. Custom-made aligners made of clear plastic are prepared to assist in modeling your teeth into the desired position. This treatment is a popular option for adults who wish to correct teeth misalignment without letting the whole world in on what they are doing. The question is does Invisalign® also offer similar chances to a child?
How Is Invisalign® Beneficial to Your Child?
Maintaining oral hygiene for an adult with traditional metal braces is easier compared to a child. However, Invisalign® uses removable dental aligners which mean that your child will not have to alter their daily dental routine.
While regular braces come with certain dietary restrictions, Invisalign® does not, as it is a requirement to remove them before meals; this lets a child maintain their dietary needs without interference.
Perhaps the primary benefit of Invisalign® to children and teens is that it removes the stigma and anxiety that sometimes comes with visible braces. Invisalign® helps them avoid bullying and teasing from their peers.
What Factors Determine if Invisalign® Is Right for Your Child?
While there is no specific criterion for deciding whether this treatment is right for your child, there are certain factors that will assist experienced dentists to determine if your child is a good candidate. Here are two essential factors:
As much as age does not necessarily determine if Invisalign® is right for your child, maturity does. Older children and teens are usually the best candidates as they are aware of the importance of wearing Invisalign® for the required length of time. Your child needs to be at the right age where they can easily assume certain responsibilities and follow guidelines.
Permanent Teeth
Children who have already developed permanent teeth are generally good candidates for this treatment. Children with baby teeth still have developing mouths which make this treatment a less viable choice for them. However, they still can be good candidates for braces.
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