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Helping Your Child Cope with Braces

Dealing with braces is never easy, especially with children and teens who have to deal with the criticism of their friends and classmates. By helping your children take care of their teeth during this period, and by taking their concerns seriously, you can ensure a more positive experience.

Establish a Cleaning Routine

While oral hygiene is always important, it’s especially vital while your child is wearing brackets and wires. If your child isn’t diligent about brushing and flossing, food can become lodged between the braces and the teeth, which will lead to advanced decay. You can prevent this by setting up a schedule for brushing and flossing, making sure your child adheres to the routine. Because it can be difficult to brush around the brackets, a younger child may need your help.

Make Oral Care Easier

Additionally, making tooth care easier and more fun can encourage your child to brush and floss regularly. An electric toothbrush can make the experience fun and can help the child get into those hard to reach areas. Similarly, investing in a water pick may produce better results than expecting your child to floss with the traditional method. Braces obstruct the teeth in a way that can inhibit the use of string floss. A water pick is fun to use for the child and reaches more areas for a thorough clean.

Make Sure Your Child Follow Dietary Restrictions

Your orthodontist will provide you with a list of foods that shouldn’t be eaten while the child is wearing braces. You’ll likely see hard foods, chewy foods, and sweet foods on that list. These substances can either damage the braces, or they may get caught and become difficult to remove. Also, your dentist may recommend foods that don’t require much chewing, like mashed potatoes or macaroni.

Your child may have to wear braces for two years or more, but that time frame will likely be extended if your child isn’t taking proper care of their teeth. By following these recommendations and addressing your child’s concerns, you can create a more positive experience. It may also be helpful to remind your child that their teeth will be much nicer once the braces do come off as a means of keeping their self-esteem boosted. Proper care and emotional support will help your child as much as the braces.

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