Talking to Your Child About Braces For Kids

Like many kids, your child may be a bit intimidated by the idea of getting braces. They may be scared it will hurt, or they may worry about what they will look like with braces. However, some of these fears are based on misinformation. The process of getting braces is now simpler and more comfortable than ever, and it’s so common that most people have them at some point in their adolescence. At Brodie Bowman Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics we offer braces for kids that will aid their dental health as they age. If your child is worried about the process of getting braces, there are some things you can say to help them feel calmer.

The first thing to do when talking to your kid about braces is to explain what they actually do. When your child understands how braces work, they will be much less likely to feel afraid of them. What braces do is gently pull or push your teeth into a straight position. Your orthodontist will determine exactly what type of braces you need to achieve straight teeth. After you get braces, you will have very beautiful straight teeth. Knowing that there’s a positive outcome to having braces can help your teen or child feel better about them.

Another thing that can help your child calm down is telling them about how much braces for kids have improved over the last several decades. Braces may cause some slight discomfort, but in general, they are fairly pain-free nowadays because of the way the technology has developed. The materials that braces are made out of now are designed to feel light and be minimally-invasive in the mouth for a more comfortable experience. Orthodontists want their patients to be as comfortable as possible, and they will take precautions to help your child feel better if something is aching.

If your child is worried about the way that braces look, there are many things you can say to reassure them. The biggest one is that braces for kids are incredibly common, and while they may feel a bit self-conscious at first, no one else will think anything of them having braces. Long gone are the days when kids were teased for having braces — now they’re considered cool and normal. It’s also helpful to remind them that braces for kids are temporary and that in a few years, they will have a beautiful smile worth the discomfort.

Dr. Bowman DDS provides some of the top braces for kids in Pensacola at Brodie Bowman Orthodontics. Dr. Bowman has years of experience working with kids and teens and provides attentive, caring services that will help patients feel at ease. The sooner you get your child the orthodontic treatment they need, the sooner they can experience the benefits of beautiful straight teeth. Contact our office today to learn more about braces for kids or to schedule your consultation!