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How to Handle Halloween When You Have Braces

Food is one of the best parts of a holiday, whether it’s Fourth of July hot dogs or Thanksgiving turkey. For those with orthodontic work, though, a holiday can be a tricky time, especially Halloween, which has candy as its signature food. However, it is still possible to enjoy Halloween when you or your children have braces.

The Risks

You know about candy’s general risk to teeth; the sugar can promote tooth decay. The specific problem when you have braces, though, is that the food will either get stuck in the braces or end up knocking off a bracket or two.

So, texture matters. For those with traditional cemented brackets, avoid hard and sticky candies. This means no taffy or thick, chewy caramel candies, and no jawbreaker-type candy for sure if the person with braces is prone to biting down on those.

Nuts, popcorn, and seeds are also in question. It’s best to avoid candies and foods that have those, though for softer nuts that are chewed easily, like walnuts, an older teen or adult might be able to have them with care.

Friendly Candy

Anything that doesn’t stick and that can be rinsed out easily is more acceptable. Chocolate and cookies, for example, are usually fine. Having pumpkin pie and ice cream on hand also helps.

Cut-up fruit is just fine as well. If you’re hosting a Halloween party or preparing themed dishes, using bits of fruit instead of nuts, candy corn, or other small pieces would work.

For Tray-Style Braces

If you have a tray-style getup like Invisalign®, you’re a bit luckier but still need to take care. You can remove the trays to eat pretty much anything, but you’ll need to brush your teeth before putting the aligners back in.

Our team at the office of Brodie Bowman, DMD in Niceville and Fort Walton Beach wants you to have a fun Halloween. If you want to find out more about how food affects your orthodontic work, contact us today and book an appointment!