Plaque Disclosing Products – What are They?

If your teen is about to get braces, he or she may also be given some type of plaque disclosing product. Plaque disclosing products temporarily dye the plaque on the teeth, allowing your teen to see which areas need more attention when brushing. You may have used these products yourself once, though the range of products has likely expanded from what you used.

What are Disclosing Products?

Plaque disclosing products are products that release a dye that sticks to plaque. The dye does not color the teeth or gums unless there is plaque stuck to the surface of the teeth or gums. These products range from chewable tablets to wipes; there’s even a plaque disclosing floss. After using the product (after brushing and flossing once) and allowing the dye to settle, you then brush again until all of the dye is gone.

Why Use Disclosing Products?

Plaque is sneaky; it often hides right in the crevices between teeth and just under the gum at the gum line. Braces can add to the problem by creating even more places where a toothbrush doesn’t easily reach. Even if you brush fairly well, you can still miss bits of plaque that can then go on to aggravate decay processes. The products also serve as a test to see just how well you’re brushing and flossing in general, and you can learn how to modify your oral care habits to get rid of more plaque the first time around.

Plaque disclosing products are another tool in keeping your teen’s teeth properly brushed even with the obstacle of braces in the way. If your child is about to get teen braces, our orthodontist can show him or her how to use plaque disclosing products, as well as how to choose the best type. Get in touch with the staff at the office of Brodie Bowman, DMD in Niceville or Fort Walton Beach to learn more. Contact us today for an appointment!