Our Guide to Invisalign: What Patients Need to Know

Many patients dread the idea of having to walk around with braces. However, it’s not the only option available. There is an alternative known as Invisalign. This treatment entails the use of clear aligners to restore that beautiful smile.

What are the Steps to Getting Invisalign?

First off, you’ll need to speak to our orthodontist about whether Invisalign is a valid option for your teeth. Once you have been diagnosed, the orthodontist then performs a digital scan on your dentition which will be used to guide the work plan. This is a virtual 3D plan showing how the teeth will be corrected. The plan projects the different stages encompassed in the treatment. In short, it will give you a clear picture of what to expect.

Regular Follow-Ups

After analysis, you will be introduced to your first set of clear aligners. It should be noted that these aligners are customized for each patient. Once fitted, the clear aligners should gradually start to straighten your teeth. Patients should ensure that the aligner is worn throughout the treatment process. This is because it’s supposed to work sequentially. Removing your aligner for any longer than the recommended periods could cause your teeth to shift back to their original position and a new aligner will need to be created. Because of the speed at which your teeth are realigned with Invisalign, you’ll need to have a new aligner made and fitted regularly.

Conditions Treatable Through Invisalign

Dr. Bowman recommends this treatment to be used on patients with misaligned teeth. It may include those with crossbite, crooked teeth, underbite, and overbite. Patients are required to ensure that they store their aligners properly. This involves keeping them clean, dry and away from moisture.

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

One benefit to mention about Invisalign is that it doesn’t interfere with your speech. What’s more, since it’s almost invisible, it is great for your looks.

Most patients opt for this treatment for various reasons that include:

• Easy to wear and remove the aligners
• Clear and not easily noticeable
• Freedom to eat and drink whatever you wish
• Comfortable to use
• Makes it easy to floss your teeth
• Promotes overall oral hygiene during treatment

It’s important to consult an orthodontist for guidance on whether this is the right treatment for you. To find out more, book a consultation at the office of Brodie Bowman, DMD. Contact us today to book an appointment at our office in Niceville or Fort Walton Beach.