Top Foods to Avoid When You Have Braces

When you have to wear braces, your lifestyle changes temporarily for the time you will have them. Among other changes that you make, your diet is also affected. Some foods will not go well with your braces. Here are five foods you should avoid if you are wearing braces.

Chewing gum

Bubble and chewing gum may get stuck in the braces and end up causing an undue and unnecessary force to them. Trying to dislodge stuck gum may cause you to pull too hard, such as to end up creating some detachment to the braces. Such issues will cause it to fail in their function to align your teeth better. Try to avoid chewing gum once you wear braces.

Sugary foods

Foods that are high in sugar are bad for teeth, but they are much worse for braces. Drinking soft and acidic drinks may result in deposits that are hard to remove no matter how much you brush or floss. Try to avoid such high sugar drinks and foods entirely until you remove them. Safe drinks are raw vegetable juices and water.

Caffeine and some other beverages

Berries, soy source, dark-colored drinks, tea and coffee require more hygienic care and leave stains if not well cleaned. Have a toothbrush with you when you are away from home like at work or school and brush carefully after every meal. It is also very important to know how to clean stained braces. Otherwise, such drinks are to be avoided.

Firm or solid foods

Fruits and vegetables that have to be bitten forcibly with the front teeth should be avoided as they could cause the braces to come out loose or bend the wires. Cutting such solids foods like carrots or apples into small pieces and chewing them with the molars should resolve this matter. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables should be a good option as well since the high nutrient content of such a juice is beneficial for you during the process going on your teeth.

Sticky foods

Foods that can get stuck in the braces should be avoided. These are such as fruit and vegetable skins. The solution here would be to remove the skin of the vegetables and fruits before eating them. Moreover, chewy candies such as caramels and taffies can stick to it and grow bacteria, leading to swollen bleeding gums.

If you avoid the listed foods, your braces will be healthy and perform their function efficiently. If you are looking for braces in Fort Walton Beach, contact us or visit us at Dr. Brodie Bowman Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.