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Braces and Gum Health

While getting braces is about maintaining straight, healthy teeth, ensuring the health of the gums is also a major factor in successful orthodontics. Gum health is all about making sure that the areas surrounding your teeth are clean and free of harmful bacteria. What habits help maintain healthy gums for people who have braces?

Brushing and Flossing

Obviously, the best way to have a healthy mouth is to clean it. While some teens especially may be more hesitant to floss with all the extra metal and wires, it is more important than ever to floss around these extra places where bacteria can build. If a person does not floss, the gums can swell and become enmeshed in the braces. This pressure between the gums and the brackets can become sore and painful, but with proper flossing and brushing, there should be no swelling.


Because gums are delicate and must not be brushed too forcefully, using a mouthwash daily can be a great health boost for gums. It’s important that you choose an anti-bacterial mouthwash that works effectively.

Using a Water Flosser

This tool is also gentle on the gums and can get between the crevices that a brush cannot. Even better, many teens love using water flossers – they think it’s fun! Though a water flosser may cost more than the average toothbrush or package of floss, it’s an investment that can save a lot of time and money down the road.

Regular Appointments

With orthodontics, your child will have regular appointments with the orthodontist to make adjustments and ensure that everything is going according to plan. At these appointments, the orthodontist will also assess gum health and make any recommendations if there is gum swelling. It’s important that gum health is maintained throughout the time a person has braces so that when the braces are taken off, all of the mouth remains in good health.

What Else Can Cause Gum Swelling?

Unfortunately, the hormonal shifts a teen goes through during puberty can affect the swelling of their gums. Our skilled orthodontist can assess whether regular tooth and gum health are maintained, or whether this problem is more of a result of the age the patient is and the changes their body is going through.

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