Things to Discuss with Children About Getting Braces

Getting braces can create tons of questions for children that are nervous and excited. There are some points of interest and information you should cover with your child or teen before they get braces to help them feel more secure and informed.

Dos and don’ts

When kids get their braces, they are not used to being conscientious about what foods they eat and how they take care of their teeth, so things can change drastically for some patients. One important point to discuss is not to chew gum. Gum gets caught in braces and may require professional intervention to remove. Hard candy is another don’t because it can damage the dental work and create the need for repairs. Do have them brush their teeth after every meal though as food gets trapped in and around the braces and creates areas for decay. Avoid food that is stringy or will get caught easily.


It is best to be honest with your child when they ask about discomfort. There will be times when their teeth, gums, and the surrounding tissue will be sore. Give your child some options to help ease the discomfort. There are some tips and tricks the dentist will also offer to help the process go more smoothly. When braces are tightened, there will be some soreness in the teeth. This will pass with time but may be soothed with an over-the-counter pain reliever, and avoid crunchy or tough food that can make the discomfort worse. Most of the time the braces won’t be noticeable, but help them be prepared for times when they may become irritating.


Discuss the expected treatment plan with your child. Let them be informed about the entire process so they can monitor their progress. Giving them critical information can also make the treatment easier. An informed child is more likely to be proactive in their dental treatment process, which leads to fewer complications and possibly faster treatment time frames.

If you are considering getting braces for kids in Fort Walton Beach, check out Dr. Bowman DDS. He will provide comprehensive services and will cover all aspects of the treatment process as well as ensure that the best possible results are achieved. For more information and prices, contact his office today and speak to a representative regarding an appointment. Give your child something to smile about for years to come.