Teen Braces and Self Image

When it comes to self-image, the teen years are critical. Every parent wants their child to have a nice, big smile. Good dental hygiene habits are the most crucial step to the perfect smile achievement. But sometimes brushing and flossing just isn’t enough. Crowding, overbite, and spacing are just a few of the issues that require more than a visit to your dentist’s office.

Does my teen need braces?

There is no cookie-cutter diagnosis for braces. Bowman DMD™ determines the needs of each patient on a case by case basis. Some mild cases may need braces just on top, or only for 1 year. While others are more severe and may require a full mouth of braces for 2-4 years. No matter what your child’s oral situation may be, Dr. Bowman DDS offers more than one option for braces for kids in Fort Walton Beach.

Non-traditional treatment

Traditional metal braces aren’t for everyone. Wires, brackets, and rubber bands are still as obvious as the initial cosmetic issue that required the treatment in the first place. Your teenager might be embarrassed if they have to smile with a mouth full of metal, causing them not to smile at all. Convincing your teenager that braces aren’t a social death sentence won’t be too hard. One of the most popular substitutes for old school orthodontics is the Invisalign® braces.


Invisalign® is a plastic insert similar to a retainer that’s smooth and barely visible to the eye. Unlike bulky metal braces, there’s no brackets, wires, or anything that can cut or agitate the inside of the mouth and gums. They’re clear, easy to insert, remove, and clean. They also cause less gum disease, cavities, and decay. Each month when your teenager comes in to see the orthodontist they will check the progression of the teeth and insert a new Invisalign® aligner. The insert changes as the teeth change allowing for faster correction of the teeth and less interruption of your teen’s social life.

Bowman DMD™ is the premier orthodontic office for teen braces in Crestview. Your child will smile bigger, smile more, and their friends will barely notice they’re wearing Invisalign®. They can play, eat what they want, and feel good about themselves while they get all straightened out. Contact us today to get started!