How Do I Know if My Child Needs Braces?

Learning when it’s the right time to start looking into braces for your child is very important. There are some key factors to be considered that, if ignored, could cause long-term problems which may not be easy or cost-effective to correct. Having the right information about when it might be time to consider braces will help you to decide when to seek out an expert.

Gum and dental infrastructure

Getting braces is about more than simply making sure that a smile is pretty. The way that teeth grow in can affect the bone structure and facial muscles. Therefore, it is a good idea to begin having a child evaluated early. The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that a child should be evaluated when dental issues first present themselves or no later than age 7. In this way, a professional can evaluate the placement of the teeth and how the growth will wholly affect the child.

Teeth crowding

Another factor to be considered is the crowding of teeth. It is more difficult to care for teeth that are crowded and can lead to tooth decay or other harmful dental diseases. Starting orthodontic care can help to make the teeth have better spacing so that there is little challenge in flossing or brushing the teeth.

Prevent injuries

Teeth that are uneven or protruding can become damaged or injured by coming into contact with objects. Also, children are very active, so their teeth may scrape against the insides of their mouths when crooked or protruding. Again, this is where having a proper assessment will determine if the child needs braces.

Harmful and long-term damage to the teeth can be prevented or remedied by being aware of the reasons why a child might need braces. Find an expert, like Dr. Bowman DDS, who can properly evaluate your child and help to decide if braces are needed to protect their health and development. In the long run, it will be the child who ultimately benefits from the decisive caregiver who finds an expert, makes an appointment, and follows the recommendations carefully. Contact us today!