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Looking for Invisalign Near Fort Walton Beach?

For several generations, orthodontists in Fort Walton Beach and elsewhere primarily used metallic braces to correct various classes of malocclusion. Improper bites and crowding have been traditionally fixed by heavy-duty braces that are conspicuous. Brackets, arch wires and ligatures are perhaps the most important components of classic braces that are cemented directly on the enamel of teeth. Although they’re effective at moving teeth, traditional braces have some disadvantages that certain people don’t want to deal with. Originally designed as a cosmetic alternative to conventional braces, Invisalign is a patented brand of clear orthodontic aligners.

The texture of these appliances is nearly invisible to the naked eye from a typical distance in most social settings. A special plastic accounts for the transparent composition, which is also impressively durable for such a lightweight design. Perhaps the biggest advantage of Invisalign® is the removable design that gives patients extra convenience and freedom.

How Invisalign® Works

A patient who’s interested in wearing clear aligners needs to get some comprehensive digital scans. The iTero® scanning system is a cutting-edge technology that’s engineered to precisely make digital impressions of teeth. The images are instantly imported into highly sophisticated software that’s optimized for the dental and orthodontic industries.

Eventually, the 3D renderings are used by third-party laboratories to manufacture customized moldings. More than 10 different invisible aligners will have to be worn by a patient with an average case of malocclusion. These innovative mouthpieces can be adjusted according to the progression of treatment.

Since they’re made of a unique thermoplastic, Invisalign units have to be carefully washed and cleaned on a routine schedule. Bacteria and other microorganisms tend to thrive on most moist and warm surfaces that are exposed to light. Special storage containers should be used to hold the aligners when they’re temporarily removed before eating or brushing teeth.

Final Stages of Treatment

Orthodontists usually rely on the iTero® platform to monitor the success of Invisalign®. Advanced software makes it easy to compare the actual positions of teeth with the expected positions that were initially integrated into a custom treatment plan. Using 3D modeling, it’s possible to compensate for any unexpected deviations from the original blueprint for a patient. Failure to wear the invisible aligners on a daily basis could dramatically delay desirable results. We strongly encourage our Fort Walton Beach patients to wear the appliances during the day and at night.

A patient can simply stop wearing Invisalign aligners once the teeth have been fixed into proper positions in the dental arches. A retainer has to be worn by a person who has successfully completed orthodontic correction. Failure to follow post-treatment instructions can ultimately compromise most of the progress that’s been made by the clear aligners.

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