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Common Treatment Options Regarding Braces for Kids

Many orthodontic problems are easier to treat if they are treated early. Known as interceptive orthodontics, it is recommended that you have your child checked as early as the age of seven to see if their adult teeth are growing in properly. Since the jaw is still growing, certain conditions such as overcrowding may be corrected. Early treatment may not apply to all orthodontic issues, but it may be useful when the jaws and dental arches are not in the correct position. Braces for kids come in different shapes, colors and sizes, so Dr. Bowman can help you decide on the best orthodontic treatment for your child.

Traditional metal braces have been around for a long time, but thanks to advances in technology, they are much smaller and more effective than they used to be. They are usually made from stainless steel and have elastic bands to help move the teeth. You can ask our orthodontic specialist if this is a good option for your child. The metal brackets are bonded directly to the tooth and the wires gradually pull the teeth into the proper position.

Ceramic braces perform the same function as metal braces, but they are made of a tooth-colored material to make them more discrete. Ceramic braces for kids are harder to detect and make a good choice for children, teens and adults alike who don’t want their braces to be very visible.

Clear plastic aligners are virtually invisible and easy to clean. They also do not have the same dietary restrictions as braces for kids do because they can be removed when you eat. When you meet our orthodontist, you can discuss if clear plastic aligners are the best option for your child. It may depend on the type of treatment your child needs as well as his or her age.

It is crucial that your child takes good care of his or her teeth while wearing braces or any other dental appliance. Have your child rinse his or her mouth after eating to remove any food debris that may be caught in the brackets. After rinsing, they can brush thoroughly. It is also important that your child flosses carefully and uses a fluoride mouthwash before bed.

Once you have selected the best option for braces for your child, our specialist will help you with tricks and tips for keeping the teeth clean during orthodontic treatment. When orthodontic care is taken at an early age, many major problems that could develop when they reach adulthood can be avoided.

Braces for kids can help your child maintain better dental health throughout adulthood. At the office of Brodie Bowman DMD, our skilled orthodontist serves Fort Walton Beach and Niceville with personalized orthodontic treatments for patients of every age. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your child.