5 Common Misconceptions about Invisalign Treatments

Smiling has been medically proven to improve your happiness and overall health, but it is hard to be confident about your smile if you do not have straight teeth. You should not go through life hating your smile when it is so easy to fix. Invisalign® is quickly becoming the most popular choice for people who need braces, but there are still some common myths that may deter you from the revolutionary treatment. These are the five most common misconceptions about Invisalign® treatments.

Too Hard to Clean
The Invisalign® trays need to be regularly cleaned to maintain their invisible appearance, but contrary to what some may believe, the cleaning process is actually very easy. All you have to do is remove the aligners from your mouth before brushing them with antibacterial soap. Since the aligners are removable, they are much easier to clean than traditional braces. It is also much easier to maintain a clean mouth when choosing Invisalign® treatments because you do not have to brush and floss around brackets and wires.

Will Not Speak Clearly
While some dental appliances can alter the sound of your voice, you will have no problem speaking when wearing Invisalign® aligners. There may be a slight change in your voice when you first start your Invisalign® treatment, but your voice will return to normal once you become accustomed to having the aligners in your mouth. It should only take a few days to adapt to the aligners and return your voice to normal.

Not as Effective as Traditional Braces
Traditional braces have been around for decades, so most people just assume that Invisalign® cannot provide the same results. This could not be further from the truth because you get the exact same results whether you choose traditional braces or Invisalign® treatments. The revolutionary technology used in these aligners will also keep your treatment time the same as traditional braces without the use of brackets and wires on your teeth.

Results Will Not Last
Nobody wants to go through the long process of straightening their teeth only to have them slowly revert to their original position, but you will have no problem maintaining your beautiful smile with Invisalign®. Teeth will naturally want to revert to their old position after the removal of braces, but wearing a retainer keeps this from happening. Invisalign® even has their own clear retainer, so nobody will ever be able to notice that you are wearing one.

Does Not Work for Adults
There may be a misconception that Invisalign® only works for children, but the truth is that Invisalign® treatments will work at any age. If you have permanent teeth that need straightening, then you are not too old to get Invisalign®. The invisible aligners are actually more popular with adults because they are more self-conscious about wearing braces than children. The ability to fix their smile without anyone noticing is a huge selling point to most adults, whereas children often see braces as a rite of passage.

The benefits of Invisalign® treatments go on and on. Contact the office of Brodie Bowman, DMD at either of our locations in Fort Walton Beach or Niceville to schedule a consultation with our orthodontist and find out if Invisalign® is right for you.