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Invisalign for Orthodontic Discretion

Teeth that are misaligned can cause problems of more than one type. One of the biggest impacts the condition has is the effect on a person’s self-esteem. The thought of displaying crooked teeth can weigh in on an individual’s mind every time he or she smiles. Over time, these thoughts cause one to become reluctant about smiling. This, in turn, has an effect on how the person is able to enjoy life. The reluctance to smile can turn into the inability to fully appreciate those important joyous occasions that make life fun.

Misaligned teeth can also impact the way a person chews his or her food. This can have an indirect effect on the body’s ability to take in proper nutrition.

There are several types of braces and aligners from which to choose in order to straighten crooked teeth and restore a person’s ability to smile with confidence. In years past, traditional metal braces were the most common. However, because of the aggravation of having metal attached to the teeth, the difficulty in cleaning the teeth, and the fact that every time the person opened his or her mouth, metal was the first thing other people saw, many people did not pursue treatment.

For those people who would have simply chosen to live with crooked teeth as recently as a few years ago, there is good news. Invisalign® is a method for straightening the teeth that is far less conspicuous than traditional braces. In addition, the devices can be removed for things like brushing of the teeth and eating.

Individuals who are fitted with traditional braces often find that they must watch what they eat. It is too easy for food to get stuck in the braces in a way that becomes irritating. It can also be a bit difficult to get out. Therefore, many wearers of these metal braces must give up some of their favorite foods. That problem goes away with Invisalign®.

Traditional braces must be manually tightened on a regular basis in order for them to continue to move the teeth into the desired position. The activity involved with having the orthodontist make these pressure adjustments can be somewhat irritating to some individuals. With Invisalign®, retainers are simply replaced at the correct intervals.

Invisalign® devices are clear. As a result, they are rarely observed by others whenever the wearer talks, eats or smiles. This factor alone is enough to persuade individuals to inquire about the method whenever faced with a mouthful of teeth that do not line up correctly.

If you would like that perfect smile, and until now you have been hesitant to have anything done to obtain it, you should speak with our orthodontist at the office of Dr. Brodie Bowman, DMD about the advantages of Invisalign®. You may find that it is the answer you have been looking for when it comes to orthodontic discretion. To learn more about Invisalign®, visit one of our office in Fort Walton Beach or Niceville. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.