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Benefits of Keeping Braces Clean

Orthodontic appliances represent a crucial investment into a person’s future. They can help with everything from teeth alignment to bite issues, which in turn can help a person’s self-confidence, make chewing more comfortable and help a smile to become more aesthetically pleasing.

The challenge is that orthodontic appliances, which includes braces in particular, can be difficult to keep clean. This difficulty leads many patients to allow their braces to become coated in plaque, which can lead to countless issues. Putting in the extra effort is worth it, however, because there are numerous benefits to keeping braces clean.

1. Clean Braces Prevent Dental Cavities

Plaque likes to stick to any surface within the mouth. Hard surfaces, such as enamel of teeth and the surface of braces, tend to be some of the favorite places for plaque to reside. The problem with this is that braces tend to be bonded to the surface of teeth. Plaque that remains near this point will begin to erode the enamel, which in turn can weaken the bonds of the braces to the teeth. This can lead to premature failure of the braces, which can be a costly fix.

Keeping braces clean avoids the presence of cavities at the places where the braces are affixed to the teeth. This can prevent the need for costly dental work while ensuring the effectiveness of the braces.

2. Braces Feel More Comfortable While Clean

Almost nothing is as uncomfortable as dirty braces. Plaque, food particles and anything else that resides in your mouth can get trapped in braces. As these items remain in your mouth, they can make your breath smell bad, create odd tastes and make your mouth feel rough. This can hinder your self-confidence, which in turn can make you feel significantly less comfortable with your own mouth.

By keeping your braces and your mouth clean, you help to reinforce your self-confidence while maintaining a high level of comfort about yourself. Keeping braces clean has a direct effect on the overall hygiene of your entire mouth.

3. Fresh Braces Lead to Healthy Gums

As plaque accumulates on the teeth, it tends to reside right above the gums. This leads to acid being produced, which in turn allows for recesses to develop where bacteria can reside. Inflammation develops, which in turn represents the first stages of gum disease. The loss of teeth and chronic pain tend to accompany this progression.

The reason this is such a problem for people with braces is because braces tend to leave but a small space between the gum and the appliance. This can be a problematic area to clean, which in turn allows for gingivitis to develop.

By keeping this area clean, you will help to ensure that your gums stay healthy. This is a sensible approach, as failing to do so will lead to teeth problems that can invalidate some of the benefits of braces.

Keep Your Braces Clean

Clean braces lead to a happy mouth and a healthy smile. While it may take more effort, the benefits of keeping braces clean should be clear. If you think you may have trouble keeping your braces clean, talk with the experts at the office of Dr. Brodie Bowman, DMD. At one of our locations in Niceville or Fort Walton Beach, we can schedule expert cleanings designed to help you acquire the benefits that accompany a clean mouth with spotless braces. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.