What Not to Eat on Braces Application Day

Braces are used to straighten teeth and correct bites. To get the best results, the patient will have to take care of them and mind what they eat.

How does someone prepare for getting braces?

The patient and orthodontist will first have to discuss what the options are. There are now many types of braces besides the old-fashioned metal ones that have been used for decades.

At the office of Dr. Brodie Bowman, our orthodontist will take X-ray pictures and/or molds of the patient’s teeth and jaws. We will use these to help decide on a treatment and to get the braces made.

Prior to braces application day, we will prepare the patient. A spacer may be needed if some of the teeth are packed too tightly together. If the patient has cavities or some other dental problem, the orthodontist will address this before installing the braces.

What happens when someone gets braces?

A substance called “etchant” is applied to the patient’s teeth. It prepares the teeth for the bonding cement used to keep the brackets in place. After applying the cement, the orthodontist will place the brackets on the teeth and set the bond with a high-intensity plasma light. They will insert the arch wire through the brackets.  It may take an hour or so to do each row of teeth.

The patient will feel pressure on their teeth – which is to be expected. The braces are slowly pushing their teeth into their proper places. While the first day may not be too bad, the second and third days will cause some temporary discomfort. The patient’s teeth may then feel loose for a week or two, but that is also normal and will also fade.

What kinds of foods should someone not eat on braces application day?

In a nutshell, the patient should avoid foods that are hard to chew, for it will take time to get used to chewing with braces. In fact, it will be hard to chew at first. The patient should, therefore, avoid hard or crunchy foods like hard taco shells, tortilla chips or crunchy cookies. Similarly, they should avoid foods that require taking big bites like burritos or subs. The patient should stick to soft foods.

Nuts can get stuck in the teeth and thus cause pain. The patient should also avoid foods that might damage the braces – not just for the first few days, but for the whole duration that they’re wearing them.

Sticky foods like caramel, gum or taffy can both damage braces and be very difficult to remove. Hard foods like apples can damage braces and should not be eaten unless the patient can cut them into small pieces first.

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