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Common Types of Braces for Kids

When most people imagine someone wearing braces, they think about someone who is in their teens. However, over the past few years, there has been a shift in individuals who have chosen to use braces. Now more adults and more children are opting to use braces. However, this begs the question, are there certain types of braces that are better for children?

To answer this question, one must first think about the purpose of braces. Braces are designed to apply pressure on the teeth. The goal is to, in an incremental way, move the child’s teeth into a straight position. There are a lot of options that parents can select when purchasing braces for kids. That being said, most kids need braces that have a combination of wires and rubber bands. The wires are used to pull the teeth into a straight position. The rubber bands work to treat any problems with alignment.

In some cases, children may need to use a form of headgear. Headgear is a wire that is in the shape of a horseshoe that connects to the back of the child’s teeth. The purpose is to push the teeth back, creating more space for the front teeth.

Children will need to have frequent visits to the orthodontist to adjust and observe the progress of their braces. There is no one-size-fits-all timeframe for children who wear braces. Basically, a child will need to use braces for as long as it takes to correct the problem. However, the average amount of time children use braces is between two and two and half years. In most cases, children will need to use a retainer after their braces have been removed as a way of preventing their teeth from going back to the original position.

The most popular option is going to be traditional braces with metal brackets. These braces are comprised of a high-grade stainless steel. Most children are happy when they learn that with traditional braces, they have the option of selecting the color of the rubber bands or the elastics that will be used. While traditional braces are still very noticeable, the brackets that are used today are a lot smaller and less conspicuous than the braces that were used a few decades ago.

Since not every child is the same, there are, of course, other options when it comes to braces for kids. At the office of Dr. Brodie Bowman, with locations in Fort Walton Beach and Niceville, we can evaluate your child’s teeth and determine which orthodontic treatment is perfect for them. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.