What to Expect After Your Braces Come Off

After many months of diligently keeping your orthodontist appointments and carefully cleaning around your braces, getting your braces off can be an exciting time. However, being aware of the next steps in the process and knowing what to expect are crucial to preserving your new smile. While each patient’s treatment plan is tailored to their individual needs, there are some similarities most people will experience.

Your Braces Removal Appointment

It takes a little time to remove your braces and polish away the bonding glue used to hold them in place. If you’ve been diligent with your oral hygiene, your teeth will usually look beautiful after a quick polish. If you weren’t so careful, you might have stains or some decay that will need to be addressed at your next dental appointment.

It isn’t intolerable to have your braces removed, but you will likely experience some soreness for the next few days. Once your braces are off, we may take an impression for your retainer during the same visit. Your retainer may need to be worn for several years to ensure that your teeth don’t shift again.

A Strange Sensation

If you’ve worn braces for several years, your teeth may feel strange against your lips and tongue for several days after your braces come off. Some patients describe these sensations as slimy, slick or smooth. After a few days, you won’t notice this any longer, and your mouth will feel normal once again.

Dietary Restrictions Lifted

While getting your braces off means that you can now eat sticky and crunchy foods, you’ll want to ease into an unrestricted diet. Your teeth and gums may already be sore, and your enamel may feel a bit fragile at first. Be careful when eating previously forbidden foods, as you may be more likely to bite your lips or tongue at first.

Adapting to Your Retainer

You’ll probably be told to wear it more or less constantly, only removing it to eat, drink or brush your teeth. You’ll likely need time to get used to the sensation of it.

You may also lisp at first. You will adapt within a few weeks. Always carry a case for your retainer, as leaving it in a napkin while eating is one of the best ways to accidentally throw it away or leave it behind.

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Getting your braces removed and transitioning to a retainer can be an exciting time. If you aren’t satisfied with your current orthodontist or you would like a second opinion about your care, contact the office of Dr. Brodie Bowman, with locations in Fort Walton Beach and Niceville. Our team of highly-qualified professionals is committed to providing the absolute best in orthodontic care. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.