How Long is Treatment for Invisalign Teen?

If your teenager needs orthodontic correction, it can be frustrating. The teen years are a time when your son or daughter is feeling self-conscious. The need to fit in is a struggle. The thought of braces can be upsetting. However, there have been so many advances in the field of orthodontics.

Your child has options, besides traditional braces that are such a visible form of treatment. Invisalign fort Walton beach is a popular alternative that is being selected by patients of all ages. It involves the use of clear aligners that are made out of a plastic that is medical-grade. They are sturdy, effective, and practically invisible.

In addition to those advantages, they can be revolved for special occasions and sporting events, as well as while performing oral hygiene routines. They are ideal for the active teen who doesn’t want the whole world to know that they are receiving orthodontic correction.

What’s the Bottom Line for Treatment Time with Invisalign®?

If your child is considering Invisalign®, the length of treatment is a concern for the both of you. You want to know when you will see results. Invisalign® is best for teens and adults who have minor problems with the alignment of their teeth. More severe issues may call for other options.

If Invisalign® will work for your teenager, the length of treatment is comparable to traditional braces. You can expect at least eighteen months to two years for treatment. Every patient is unique and the final outcome will depend on your child’s needs.

What to Expect with Invisalign®

When you decide to move forward with Invisalign therapy, the first step will involve the orthodontist examining your child’s teeth. From that point, he will order a set of aligners that are specifically tailored to fit your teen’s mouth.

These aligners may be worn for a period of two weeks. Results are best when they are worn consistently for at least 22 hours a day. Any less and the length of treatment time will take longer.

At the end of specified period, a new set will be given to your teen to continue to make subtle adjustments of his or her teeth. This process will continue until your teen’s teeth have moved into the proper position to get the smile you have always wanted to see.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign®?

Invisalign fort Walton beach is a flexible option that will accommodate your teen’s active life. Plastic aligners are more comfortable and do not cause irritation in the mouth. They make it easier to keep the teeth clean over the course of treatment.

By choosing to have your teen’s teeth corrected, you can help your child to avoid problems in the future. Most importantly of all, your teen will have a boost of confidence each time he or she flashes those pearly whites. If you are in the Fort Walton Beach, FL area, contact the office of Dr. Brodie Bowman today.