Common Problems with Braces for Kids

Almost every kid is going to need braces at some point in their childhood. While there is nothing better than getting straight teeth, wearing braces can still be very difficult for some kids. Braces require a strict cleaning regimen that is not always easy to follow, which can lead to some unwanted dental problems.


Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease that occurs when the gums around the teeth become inflamed. Gingivitis is easy to detect because it causes swollen and tender red gums that bleed easily. Braces make it very hard to properly clean the gum line, which can cause some kids to develop this unwanted condition. Luckily, gingivitis is easily reversible when caught early. Using proper brushing techniques after every meal is the best way to avoid or reverse gingivitis while wearing braces.


Receding gum tissue that exposes the root of your teeth is the primary cause of tooth sensitivity. The nerves are exposed to every hot or cold item put in the mouth when the teeth are not protected by the gums or enamel, which ultimately causes discomfort or pain. Just like gingivitis, kids with braces are more likely to get tooth sensitivity because it is so hard to clean around the braces. The teeth will almost always be sensitive after an adjustment, but there is a bigger underlying problem if the sensitivity does not go away.


Demineralization is probably the most serious problem that can occur while kids are wearing braces. Bacteria starts to form when food gets caught between the braces and the teeth. This bacteria starts to create acid if the food stays in contact with the teeth for an extended period of time. This acid then removes all of the calcium and phosphate from the teeth. This demineralization process is what causes some kids to have square white stains on their teeth once they have their braces removed. Unlike the other problems on this list, tooth demineralization is not easily reversed. It is vitally important to floss every day while wearing braces to make sure no food particles get stuck after eating.

Bad Breath

If your kid does not practice good oral hygiene while wearing their braces, then they are almost guaranteed to get bad breath. Bacteria will quickly form anytime food particles are left in the mouth. Once bacteria start to grow, it will create a bad odor in the mouth. It may be easy to hide the other dental problems caused by poor hygiene while wearing braces, but bad breath is nearly impossible to hide. Bad breath can also lead to potential problems with the other kids at school, which is something nobody wants for their child. Using mouthwash immediately after eating is a great way to remove most of small food particles that stay in the mouth.

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