Increase Comfort During Your Orthodontic Treatment with SmartClip Braces

Proper tooth alignment is vital to ensuring everything from the development of proper speech to keeping teeth healthy. The problem is that correcting alignment issues can be problematic. Traditional braces are often uncomfortable, require numerous orthodontist appointments, and tend to require a significant investment of time. These challenges can make traditional braces out of the question when it comes to correcting teeth alignment.

SmartClip braces allow for a more effective and comfortable way to align teeth. They lack the rubber bands that traditional appliances use, which brings numerous benefits to the patient.

What Are SmartClip Braces?

The main difference that sets the SmartClip system apart from traditional braces is the fact that SmartClip braces are more advanced. The clips are designed to be more accessible to the orthodontist, significantly reducing the amount of work involved in adjusting them.

The archwire, which is the structure that puts force on the teeth to realign them, is connected to the SmartClips in an intelligent manner. The clips will release the archwire if the forces are excessive, which ensures that they SmartClips provide for a comfortable experience.

The unique way the archwire attaches to the clips allows it to move the teeth by using less force. This results in an even more comfortable experience.

It also allows for four unique tie-wings, which allows for a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to treatment. Teeth that are tooth far apart can be pulled together while teeth that may be too close to one another can be pushed apart.

An Easier Installation Process

SmartClips provide an easier installation of braces. The unique way they work maximizes patient comfort while minimizing the amount of time required that has to be spent in the orthodontist’s office.

The unique engineering behind the SmartClips braces reduces the amount of tooth preparation that has to be performed and the amount of time required to install the braces. This protects more of the tooth enamel, reduces the amount of plaque that resides upon teeth, and provides for a more convenient correction of teeth spacing.

When these traits are combined, the result is a more convenient and comfortable teeth realignment. This ensures that the patient experiences less discomfort, faster treatment, and lasting results that improve the alignment of the teeth.

Are SmartClip Braces Right for You?

While SmartClip braces can provide a more comfortable and effective treatment, there are cases with other treatment options will treat teeth in a more effective way. This is because each patient has a unique situation that requires a specific treatment plan. The best way to determine if SmartClip braces are right for your unique situation is to seek a consultation with an experienced orthodontist.

To schedule a consultation appointment, contact the office of Dr. Brodie Bowman, DMD today. We can assess your unique needs to begin forming an effective treatment plan that maximizes your comfort while ensuring that your conditions can be treated effectively.