Tips on How to Keep Clear Braces Clean

Clear braces are one of the most popular choices for people who need orthodontic treatment because they are almost completely invisible. The clear braces material makes them much harder to see when opening your mouth. While the metal wires will be much harder to see, clear braces can require extra care and attention to keep clean. If you do not properly maintain your clear braces, you will lose their main benefit when they start to stain. These are the five best tips on how to keep clear braces clean.

Brush After Eating

You should stick to this rule even after your braces are removed. Food particles can easily stain your clear braces if they come in contact for a prolonged amount of time, but this can be remedied by brushing your teeth immediately after eating. You may be used to brushing your teeth after each big meal, but you should also brush after a small snack when wearing braces. In addition to keeping your clear braces clean, your teeth will not decay behind the brackets if you maintain proper brushing habits.

Avoid Staining Foods

The same foods that can stain your teeth can stain your clear braces, such as sodas and dark foods. While you could reduce the staining effects of the food by immediately brushing your teeth, it is still best to avoid dark foods when possible. Some of the foods that are the most harmful on clear braces are tomatoes, mustard and coffee. The dark colors found in these foods can wreak havoc on your clear braces if you are not careful.

Make Frequent Follow Up Appointments

Regularly visiting our office is a great way to keep clear braces clean. The ligatures used in clear braces stain very easily, but changing them regularly can help prevent a stained smile. Our medical team will also be able to give you extra tips on what you need to do better in order to keep the braces clean every time you visit.

Do Not Use Whitening Toothpaste

You may want to use whitening toothpaste to help keep the braces clean, but you may actually doing yourself more harm than good. While the whitening toothpaste will not stain your braces, it can potentially leave spots on your teeth once the braces are removed. Since you can’t brush behind the brackets, only part of your teeth will be getting the whitening effects of the toothpaste.

Use Floss and Mouthwash

No matter how much you brush your teeth, you are bound to miss a few spots. Flossing and rinsing with mouthwash will remove all of the food particles that you could not reach with a toothbrush. This will ensure that your clear braces avoid stains while also improving the look of your smile once the braces are gone.

If you want the extra benefit of clear braces, then you have to take the extra effort to ensure that they do not get stained. The straight, evenly-colored smile you have afterward will be worth the effort.

Contact the office of Dr. Brodie Bowman, DMD today to schedule a consultation and find out more ways on how to keep clear braces clean and free from stains.