Braces for Adults

You are never too old to have a beautiful smile. If you are an adult and you are not happy with the alignment of your teeth, braces could be the answer for you. Whether you are dealing with too much space in your mouth, crowding, an underbite, or an overbite, there are orthodontic solutions that can correct the problem. Braces are not only for teens. Many adults opt for braces, especially with the many alternatives that are available for orthodontic treatment today.

What are the Benefits of Braces for Adults?

Braces can offer you many advantages as an adult. The most obvious result of orthodontic treatment is a more attractive smile. This can give you a major boost in self-esteem and open the door to opportunities when you are in social situations or looking for employment opportunities.

Braces for adults can offer health benefits as well. When your teeth are in proper alignment, it is easier to maintain good oral hygiene. Healthy teeth can mean a healthier heart, body, and mind in your advancing years. When your teeth are out of alignment, it can cause a TMJ disorder. A TMJ disorder is caused by strain or misalignment of the jaw joint. This can wreak havoc on your body, causing pain and swelling in your jaw, as well as migraines, neck pain, back pain, and problems with hearing. Correct the alignment of your teeth and you can avoid or relieve a TMJ disorder.

Sleep apnea is another issue that can be brought on by improper alignment of your teeth. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you experience a blockage of your airway at night that causes you to stop breathing periodically. You need to address this serious problem to prevent complications down the line. Braces for adults and orthodontic treatment could be a solution.

What are Your Options for Braces as an Adult?

Gone are the days when metal braces and brackets were the only options. You can choose traditional braces, wear braces behind your teeth, or have clear brackets placed on your teeth. Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, have gained in popularity and may be an effective alternative for you. They are removable and tailored to fit your mouth. Every two weeks, you will be provided with a new set as your teeth adjust. The length of treatment and cost is comparable to other forms of orthodontic treatment.

Find Out if Adult Braces are For You

The only way that you can learn more about your options for orthodontic treatment is to make an appointment. At Grace and Bowman Orthodontics, we will give you a thorough evaluation and discuss your health history before moving forward with any treatment. Cosmetic issues or other problems with your teeth may need to be addressed before your treatment with braces for adults can begin. Find out about all of the options and move forward to have the smile that you have always wanted. Don’t let your teeth hold you back anymore. Contact Grace and Bowman Orthodontics today to schedule your consultation.