How to Remove Ceramic Braces Stain

If you have opted for ceramic braces, you most likely chose this alternative to traditional braces because it is less noticeable. Clear, ceramic brackets are used, along with elastic bands and thin arch wires. While your braces are not as visible as the metal brackets and wires that are most common, you still have to worry about staining. When your brackets and bands stain, you will see the difference each time you look in the mirror. If staining has affected you, your orthodontist can help.

Taking Care of the Bands

Staining of the elastic bands can be remedied easily. Your orthodontist will simply change the bands for you. You can reduce the appearance of staining by choosing dark bands. Opalescent bands are also recommended. Otherwise, you can request tie wires that do not stain at all.

What to Do about Ceramic Braces Stain?

If your brackets or the bonding material around them has become stained, your orthodontist can take several approaches to assist you. First, excess bonding material can be removed. Your orthodontist can also use a host of professional-strength whitening products to eliminate stains on your braces.

What Can You Do to Reduce Staining?

Prevention is the best measure that you can take if you want to avoid staining on your ceramic braces. You need to be diligent and take excellent care of your teeth. Brush after you eat to get rid of any debris that has collected on your braces. Be sure to floss daily as well. You can also stay away from foods that will stain your ceramic braces.

If you are serious about keeping your braces as clean as possible, you will need to stay away from dark drinks, including black tea, black coffee, colas, and red wine. Dark berries, sauces, and anything with red dye is likely to stain your teeth. Be conscious about what you eat and drink. If you do have something that could cause staining, brush your teeth immediately. Water is the best beverage that you can drink when it comes to maintaining your ceramic braces. Flush your mouth out with water after you have eaten to reduce the possibility of staining.

Make an Appointment with Your Orthodontist

When all other efforts have failed to eliminate staining at home, you will need to contact your orthodontist. Make an appointment and discuss your options in order to make your ceramic braces more attractive. Remember that the end goal is in sight. Your braces will be removed soon, and you will finally have the attractive smile that you have always wanted.

At Grace and Bowman Orthodontics, we are here to assist you with any problem that you may have with your braces. Staining is a relatively simple matter to resolve. Between your efforts to take care of your ceramic braces and professional cleaning products that are available, you can have the results that you want. Contact Grace and Bowman Orthodontics today to schedule your consultation.