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Teen Treatment – The Right Time to Start

In the United States, many youngsters eventually hear from their dentists that a trip to the orthodontist is necessary. Some of them receive braces before they even reach the double digits, and others begin this regimen in their teenage years. When teens begin Invisalign or braces depends upon the individual and his or her condition.

Understanding Invisalign

Before any individual begins with an Invisalign routine, he or she must meet with the orthodontist. Interested parties should express a desire for Invisalign. However, they must recognize that Invisalign is not for everyone. Whether or not teenagers can have Invisalign depends upon the specific issue with their teeth. Doctor Brodie Bowman works with each patient to determine the most effective treatment options for his or her needs. He will be able to discuss the possibility of Invisalign treatment with you.

Recognizing the Situation’s Seriousness

Some people have particular reasons why they do not want to start with braces right now. They may prefer to wait a few more months or a full year. Whether or not teenagers can wait for Invisalign depends upon how serious their circumstances are. For example, the orthodontist might say that they will eventually need braces, or the professional may note that braces should have been obtained several years ago. Also, braces generally cannot be applied until all of the baby teeth are gone.

Waiting for a Special Event

For teenagers who do not immediately need to procure braces, they may want to wait until after a special event to obtain the Invisalign. For example, they might have a special religious event coming up, or they may want to wait until after the prom to have them applied. Even though Invisalign is, essentially, invisible, they may feel more confident if they do not have them on at the time. Of course, teenagers must speak with their orthodontists to find out what the acceptable time period is for them to wait.

Considering the After Care Options

Some teenagers assume that once the braces are removed, they are never going to have to worry about their teeth again. However, they will likely need to engage in after care routines that require future visits to the orthodontist’s office. Generally, people need to wear a retainer after they finish their routine with braces.

For teenagers who are going off to college, leaving their orthodontists behind while still having to wear this retainer or headgear can be a challenge, and it might lead them down a road that reverses the positive changes of the braces. Therefore, teenagers should think about where they will be in their lives when the braces come off.

Whether or not teen treatment is the right option depends upon a number of factors, and teenagers must work with their parents and orthodontists to determine when the time is right for the braces. Contact Grace and Bowman Orthodontics today to schedule your consultation. We’ll help figure out the most effective treatment plan for your teen.