Benefits of Mini Diamond Braces

In the past, the only option that people had if they needed braces was the traditional metal braces. Today, there are many different types of braces, including mini diamond braces. Mini diamond braces are made out of stainless steel, and have many benefits over traditional braces.

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Smaller than Traditional Braces

Mini diamond braces are much smaller than traditional metal braces. In fact, it is estimated that mini diamond braces are 30 percent smaller than the metal ones. Because mini diamond braces are smaller, they are also less visible. People who wear mini diamond braces will not have to worry about a “metallic” smile. The cosmetic appeal is one of the reasons many people opt to wear mini diamond braces. Mini diamond braces can be worn by both old and young patients.

More Comfortable to Wear

One of the problems that people have with traditional metal braces is that wearing them can be very uncomfortable. They not only put pressure on the teeth, but they can also put pressure on the jaws. Mini diamond braces are much more comfortable to wear than traditional metal braces. Because the brackets are much smaller, they put less pressure on the teeth, gums and jaws.

Can Change the Color of the Ligatures

The ligatures are used to hold the braces together. The colors of the ligatures can be changed during each orthodontist appointment. That is why mini diamond braces are popular among children and teens.

Can Correct a Variety of Dental Problems

Mini diamond braces can be used to correct a variety of dental problems, including crowding and gaps. Doctor Bowman will perform a thorough examination in order to determine whether a person’s problem can be corrected with mini diamond braces.

Easier to Clean Teeth

Regular dental care is essential for preventing gum disease and cavities. Traditional metal braces make it a lot harder for people to clean their teeth. On the other hand, people who wear mini diamond braces will most likely have an easier time cleaning their teeth because the brackets are much smaller.

Similar Treatment Time to Traditional Metal Braces

Mini diamond braces are extremely effective at correcting alignment issues. In fact, the treatment time is nearly identical to traditional metal braces.