The Benefits of Water for a Healthy Smile

Everyone wants a beautiful smile to look more attractive at work, school or in social situations. Many individuals are unaware how drinking pure water can help with creating a healthy smile along with strong teeth. Water can help rinse out food and debris, while also helping keeping bad breath from forming.

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Drinking Fluoridated Water

Today, most cities help residents have healthy teeth by adding fluoride to water systems. This allows anyone to get this vital substance by simply drinking tap water. While some natural waterways and foods provide fluoride, scientific researchers discovered that many people were not getting enough of this mineral. Studies conducted in the 1930s convinced dental care experts that everyone could benefit from ingesting more fluoride on a daily basis.

Fluoride Strengthens Teeth

Several American and worldwide organizations determined that adding fluoride to water systems was the easiest way to prevent tooth decay in children and adults. Fluoride has great qualities, including remineralizing teeth along with hardening enamel. Not only does drinking fluorinated water improve the condition of teeth that have erupted from the gums, it strengthens the teeth inside the gum tissue.

Water Removes Debris

Drinking a lot of water has other great benefits for teeth and gums, such as washing away the remnants of acidic foods and beverages to prevent damage to enamel or dental roots. Continually rinsing the oral cavity throughout the day by drinking water helps to avoid discolored dental enamel that ruins a nice smile. Get in the habit of drinking a glass of water after drinking beverages such as tea, coffee and fruit juices that change the natural color of teeth. When it is not possible to brush teeth after consuming a meal, rinsing the mouth with water is an excellent alternative to remove debris.

Protects Gum Tissue

Individuals wearing dental appliances such as braces, bridges or dentures also benefit from drinking water to keep the oral cavity hydrated. An important way to care for dentures or bridges is by rinsing the items in water to remove debris that discolors the artificial teeth. Water consumption helps to avoid gum shrinkage that exposes dental roots, leading to infections that can cause tooth loss. As someone drinks water, the bacteria developing along the gums and between teeth is washed away to prevent the development of cavities.

Hydrates Facial Lips

Maintaining a beautiful smile includes keeping gum tissue pink and healthy, instead of having an odd and unnatural color. As an individual drinks water, the food that coats the tongue and palette of the mouth washes away, helping to keep breath fresh. The facial lips are an important part of having a pretty smile that attracts positive attention from others. Water consumption keeps the skin tissue on the facial lips hydrated. Instead of having dry and peeling skin tissue when smiling, an individual has a perfect smile with strong white teeth and healthy looking facial lips.