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Valentine’s Day Candy and Your Teeth

While there are numerous days throughout the year that people like to celebrate, Valentine’s Day tends to rank at the top of the list. This is quite unsurprising as the flowers, candy, and romance associated with the special day can be both exciting and indulgent. If you’re one of the people who love the sweet treats associated with Valentine’s Day, however, it’s important to note that excessive consumption of candy can have an adverse effect on your teeth.

At Grace and Bowman Orthodontics we know how tempting it can be to overindulge in candy and chocolates around Valentine’s Day. But it’s important to remember that these sweet treats can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums – especially if you have braces.  While we hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day, here are some important things to remember about all that candy.

Candy Consumption and Valentine’s Day

Americans purchase more than 35 million boxes of heart-shaped chocolates each year. Moreover, we spend about $345 million on our Valentine’s candy. It is perhaps unsurprising to note that about 58 million pounds of chocolate candies are consumed during the romantic holiday.

Valentine’s Day Candy and Your Teeth

Although many Americans are aware of the role that consuming copious amounts of chocolate candy during Valentine’s Day can have on our weight, many fail to consider the role the sweets can play in impacting the health of our teeth. For this reason, it’s important to note that when bacteria meets with sugar in the mouth, the end result is the production of acid. This acid can then attack the teeth for a minimum of twenty minutes. Bacteria can be found in many different food items like sweets, and can cause cavities. The cavities result from tooth decay which destroys your tooth structures and also affects the inner layer of the teeth.

Which Sweets Are Hard On Your Teeth?

There are a variety of sweets that are tough on your teeth, especially those that dissolve slowly, are sticky, or are sucked. Some examples include toffee, hard candies, taffy, lollipops, peanut brittle, caramel corn, gum drops, high-energy sports bars, chocolate-covered raisins, and dried fruit. For those with braces, gummy candies and taffy can cause even more problems.

How to Care For Your Teeth

To keep your teeth in absolutely amazing condition, it’s important to follow several steps. They include brushing at least two times a day, flossing daily, consuming nutrient dense foods, and limiting the consumption of snacks like chips, pretzels, and candy. You should also be sure to visit your dentist consistently for exams and cleanings.

Summing It All Up

If you’re serious about keeping your teeth in good condition, you should know that the candy offered during Valentine’s Day can compromise your ability to do so. Yet by avoiding the sweets on the list above and caring for your teeth on a regular basis, you can keep your pearly whites looking and feeling great.