Understanding the Use of Invisalign – Part 2

Now we’ve told you about the preparation that goes into getting your Invisalign trays. For Part 2 of Understanding Invisalign, we’ll explain more about using and wearing Invisalign.

When the trays are finished, they will be sent directly to the orthodontist. Then you will be scheduled for a training. Your first tray will be put on. You will be taught how to do this for yourself. There are a couple of other processes which will take place.

First of all, attachments may be needed, but this is not always the case. If you need these, they are just small, transparent, bumps which are glued to the teeth. They are then hardened with a special light. After the whole Invisalign process is complete, these attachments are removed. You cannot usually see them when they are in place.

Sometimes teeth need to be filed down in order to allow room for shifting. This is usually done when the mouth is a bit overcrowded. A chart will be sent to the orthodontist, defining which teeth need to be filed.

What you can expect is that there will be a slight lisp for a couple of days. This is because your tongue has to get accustomed to having the aligners in your mouth. You may also experience light pain or pressure on the teeth whenever a new tray is put in. These things will go away over time as your teeth and gums get accustomed to the new mold. It is not the same as the pain with metal braces. If needed, an over the counter pain reliever can be used. It is sometimes recommended to introduce new trays at night, so your teeth can adjust while you’re sleeping. This can help alleviate discomfort.

Invisalign retainers are typically worn all day, only being removed to eat, drink and brush your teeth. Tooth brushing should be done after every meal. Make sure to also brush and rinse out your retainers to avoid any odor or buildup. Simply apply the excess toothpaste from brushing and brush well. Also, flossing becomes super important. There are also cleaning agents you can use for your trays. Be sure and soak your trays in water mixed with the cleaning agent. Do this at least once daily and twice, if possible.

It is not possible to eat any foods or drink any hot drinks while wearing Invisalign trays. Drinking water is fine. Some say that an Invisalign tray can be left off for up to four hours a day. This is not a good idea. The more you leave the trays in, then the sooner the whole regimen of wearing Invisalign will be over.

It will not be long before a new smile is shining brightly and all the work will have been worth it all. Enjoy that beautiful smile. You worked hard for it.

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